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  • Dynamic RateAPR=Annual Percentage Rate. Actual rate will be determined based on the applicant's credit history, and final loan terms. All loans are subject to credit approval. Credit Union membership is required and subject to approval. Interest rate and program terms are subject to change. Additional restrictions may apply. Eligibility depends on the school of graduation and degree. The school must be Title IV eligible, non-profit, and offer Bachelors, Masters and/or Doctorate degrees. Title IV refers to the Higher Education Act. A Title IV school is an institution that processes U.S. federal student aid. on Fixed Rate Loans
  • No application or origination fees
  • Flexible loan terms up to 15 years on fixed-rate loans
  • No payments for 90 days on fixed-rate loans
  • Balloon Payment and Interest-Only options
  • No-cost, no-obligation consultation by calling 1.888.422.5680
  • DebtSafe® Loan Payment Protection: Our DebtSafe program offers the ability to cancel all or a portion of the loan balance in the event of Loss of Life, Disability, or Involuntary Unemployment. Learn more…
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Special Offers

Membership comes with benefits! First Tech is a full-service financial institution with all the products and services you would expect from a top national bank. And the more you use, the more you can save. With that in mind, we offer special benefits to members who open a Student Loan Refinance, to help you save even more.



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  • You are a First Tech member (or become one as part of the loan application process – There is no set-up or recurring cost to join. See the membership FAQs below)
  • You currently have private and/or federal student loans from a qualified school*
  • You and cosigner (if applicable) are U.S. citizens or permanent residents
  •  …or you are the parent of a borrower who meets these criteria (See Parent Plus loans below)

Parent Plus

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Yes, we do parent student loan refinancing, with fantastic rates.

Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind.

  • Fill out the online application. The applicant information will be the parents’ information.
  • For School/Loan/Graduate information – this will be the student’s information.
  • If loans were taken out for multiple children, you will need to submit a separate application for each student beneficiary.

Balloon Loan

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The majority of people who borrow money for educational expenses do so while they are still in school. After graduation, financial situations often change significantly. Refinancing to a Balloon Loan offers lower monthly payments, followed by a larger, one-time payment at the end of the loan. This allows you to start your career off with more manageable payments and pay more when you have had time to settle into your career. 

✔ Repayment schedule that grows with your success
✔ Pay down any of the loan balance at any time
✔ No application or origination fees
✔ Choose a balloon payment of either 40% or 50% of the total loan amount

40% Balloon
Dynamic Rate  → Apply

50% Balloon
Dynamic Rate  → Apply

Interest-Only Loan

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Our Interest-Only Loan grows with your career by allowing you to pay lower, interest-only payments for up to 10 years of the 15-year loan term, and then larger principal and interest payments. After the initial interest only payment period has ended, you will begin making fixed principal and interest payments for the remainder of the 15-year term. This allows you to start your career off with more manageable payments and pay more when you have had time to settle into your career.

✔ Repayment schedule that grows with your success
✔ Pay down any amount of the principal at any time
✔ No application or origination fees

1 to 5 year Interest-Only 
Dynamic Rate  → Apply

6 to 10 year Interest-Only 
Dynamic Rate  → Apply

Student Loan FAQs

Am I eligible to join First Tech?

There are hundreds of ways you can be eligible to join First Tech. If you don't meet any of the criteria below - don't worry! Just give us a call at 855.855.8805 or stop by a branch and we'll help you navigate.

  • A family member or household member is a First Tech member
  • You or a family member work for an innovative company on our partner list or for the State of Oregon.
  • You work or live in Lane County, Oregon.

How do I join?

Joining First Tech is easy.

  • Stop by a First Tech location
  • Call 855.855.8805 to learn more
  • Apply online when creating a loan application

Are there locations near me?

  • First Tech has over 40 locations with hubs in Washington, Oregon, & California.
  • You can deposit or withdraw money from our network of over 30,000 co-op branches and ATMs.
  • Best of all, First Tech has one of the most advanced banking apps in the industry that allows you to deposit money, pay bills, transfer money, and send money to friends.

What if I don’t get the loan or decide I don’t want it?

There is no obligation to join and your membership will not be opened unless you are approved for and accept your loan.

What are the benefits to refinancing my student loans?

Potential benefits of refinancing student loans include:

  • Combining multiple payments from various lenders into one payment
  • Enjoying simple, clear loan terms and knowing when your loan will be paid off
  • Possibility of lowering your monthly payment
  • Possibility of getting a lower interest rate and/or saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars of interest over the life of the loan

What documentation will you need from me?

During the application process we’ll need proof of income, usually a W-2 form for the last two years and a current paystub will suffice. Additionally, we’ll need the most recent statements of your current loans. Other items may be required as we process your loan.

What interest rate will I get?

Rates are determined by your credit score, terms of the loan and the amount of the loan. The rate will be disclosed to you prior to you accepting the loan. You can get a rate estimate in minutes from our handy Student Loan Refinance calculator.

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