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    Refinancing your student loan is just the start. At First Tech we're here to help you with your entire financial life; and that's why, once you get your new student loan, you may also be eligible for discounts on Auto Loans and bonuses on Checking Accounts and Credit Cards.

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  • DebtSafe

    Our DebtSafe program offers the ability to cancel all or a portion of the loan balance in the event of Loss of Life, Disability, or Involuntary Unemployment.

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Membership FAQ:

  • Do I have to become a member of First Tech? In order to get our great rates and membership benefits, you must become a member. But don’t worry, joining is easy. All members must have a membership savings account which we will help you open when you apply.

  • How do I qualify for First Tech membership? There are a few ways to qualify for membership, including employment with one of our sponsor companies.

  • Can I still become a member if I don’t work for one of your sponsor companies? Yes! There are many other ways to be eligible, including membership in partner organizations or through relationships with other members. When you get to the Membership Qualification section of the application, just select “I don’t meet any of these criteria” and follow the prompts. We’ll help you find out if you’re eligible to join.

  • What if I don’t get the loan or decide I don’t want it? There is no obligation to join and your membership will not be opened unless you are approved for and accept your loan.

We're serious about helping our members save.

Here is how we have helped members who chose to refinance their student loans at First Tech

SLR iconMembers looking to shorten their term, did so
by an average of 72 months.
SLR icon Members looking to save on interest saved
an average of $17,000
SLR icon Members looking to decrease their interest
rate did so by an average of 2.33% off their APR
SLR icon Members looking to increase their cash flow
saved an average $156 a month

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Student Loan FAQs

Student loan refinancing overview

Potential benefits of refinancing student loans include:

  • Combining multiple payments from various lenders into one payment
  • A lower monthly payment
  • A lower interest rate and/or a smaller amount of money paid out over the life of the loan.

Rates are determined by your credit score, terms of the loan and the amount of the loan. The rate will be disclosed to you prior to you accepting the loan.

The potential to save money when refinancing depends on a few factors. Both the rate and the length of the new loan will impact your monthly payments. It’s possible to save money on a monthly basis but still pay more over the life of the loan. It’s important to look at all factors when looking to refinance a loan.

During the application process we’ll need proof of income, usually a W-2 form for the last two years and a current paystub will suffice. Additionally, we’ll need the most recent statements of your current loans. Other items may be required as we process your loan.

You may email the Student Loan Team any time at studentloans@firsttechfed.com or call 888.422.5680.

What can I refinance?

If interest rates have dropped since your original loan disbursement, you can take advantage of the lower rate by refinancing. Securing a better rate not only lowers your monthly payment, but reduces the amount you owe over the life of the loan.

Yes, you may refinance student loans at First Tech even if you have already refinanced with another financial institution.

You may refinance student loans in a range of sizes, small or large. The First Tech student loan team can review your current student loans and make a recommendation based on your individual account .

You may refinance select student loans with First Tech, but each individual loan must be paid in full. You may not refinance with a partial payoff on a student loan.

You may refinance all student loans, consolidating private and federal loans together.

Yes, you may refinance Federal Direct student loans with First Tech.

Yes, you may refinance federal student loans with First Tech, even if they are held by a third party service.

You may refinance a PLUS student loan if you are the primary signer on the loan.

What does refinancing look like?

There are many student loan refinancing options. The type of loan you choose depends on the timeframe (how long you want to take to repay the loan) and what size payments you are able to make.

    If you want to make lower payments now, but anticipate you will be able to make higher payments in a few years, you may want to look at a Balloon Loan or Interest-Only Loan.
  • If you are looking for a lower interest rate and consistent payments for the life of the loan, First Tech’s popular Fixed Term Loan may be right for you.

Contact a First Tech student loan expert to discuss your student loan refinancing options.

Student loan interest rates are determined by your credit score, terms of the loan, and the amount of the loan.

How do I refinance my student loans?

To refinance your student loans, you will need to submit:

  1. Proof of income (this could be a W-2 form for the last two years and a current pay stub)
  2. The most recent statements of your current loans
  3. Other items may be requested as First Tech processes your loan

The application process to refinance student loans typically takes about five (5) business days. Some unique situations may take longer to process.

Repayment on your student loans depends on the type of loan.

For Fixed Rate Loans, your first payment can be up to 90 days after closing.

For Balloon and Interest Only Loans, your first payment is due 30 days after closing.

A refinanced student loan can be co-signed by a parent as long as the primary signer on the original loan is the same before and after refinancing.

At this time, First Tech does not offer this option.

Please contact a First Tech Student Loan specialist.

What does First Tech offer?

First Tech only offers refinancing of current student loans.

Loan refinancing can be a great way to save money. When you refinance student loans, your old loan(s) are paid off with a new loan, and the old terms are replaced with new terms. Most people choose to refinance their student loans to pay less interest or have smaller monthly payments.

Loan consolidation combines multiple student loans into a single, larger loan. You may consolidate private and federal loans together, so you make just make one payment.

The Student Loan Lifestyle Package is available exclusively to First Tech members. Student loan refinancing is just one of the many great benefits available when you become a member.

The Student Loan Lifestyle Package includes special bonuses and discounts on other First Tech products like checking accounts and credit cards. Ask the Student Loan Team for more information.

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Actual rate will be determined based on the applicant's credit history, and final loan terms. All loans are subject to credit approval. Credit Union membership is required and subject to approval. Interest rate and program terms are subject to change. Additional restrictions may apply. Eligibility depends on the school of graduation and degree. The school must be Title IV eligible, non-profit, and offer Bachelors, Masters and/or Doctorate degrees. Title IV refers to the Higher Education Act. A Title IV school is an institution that processes U.S. federal student aid. The 'No Payments for 90 days’ offer is available for Fixed Term Student Loan Refinance loan only.