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First Tech Financial Education Events

Boost your financial well-being with virtual sessions from First Tech’s experts.

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Upcoming Webinars

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Webinar Event Details:

Title: Women, Wealth & Well Being
We invite you to join as we uncover how women can take control of their financial future and feel more confident in their investment decisions.
March 7
12:00 pm PT
Kimberlee Bouska

Webinar Event Details:

Title: Maximizing Social Security Benefits
We’ll cover the ins and outs of the Social Security system and how to make your benefits work best for you.
March 14
12:00pm PT
Rob Shedd

Webinar Event Details:

Topic: Understanding Your Credit Report
Description: Join us as we discuss how your overall credit worthiness and credit score can affect your ability to buy a home, get a job, or save money. Learn how to manage your credit to improve your score and your financial life. 
Date: March 27
Time: 12:00pm PT
Speaker: Stacey Johnston

Webinar Archive

Long-Term Care Part 3
Watch the replay of the Long-Term Care (11.14.23) webinar where presenters Alex Assaf and Andy Peters discuss best practices for how to take care of your future self.
November 27, 2023
Webinar: Understanding Medicare
Watch the replay of Understanding Medicare (10.17.23) where presenter David Marsh shares the ins and outs of the complicated Medicare system.
November 07, 2023
Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits
November 03, 2023
Webinar: Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits
November 09, 2022
Webinar: A Guide to Medicare
Understanding the parts and plans of retiree healthcare
November 07, 2022
Protecting Yourself from Scams and Theft: Q&A with First Tech Fraud Operations Team
April 20, 2022