Fraud Alert: Never offer account information by phone, text or messenger with anyone claiming to be a First Tech employee. We will never call or text you seeking your personal information.

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Few financial institutions in the world have been committed to digital banking as long as First Tech.  With more than 30 years of experience, our digital banking is built to perform.  When you call in, send us a message on social media or fill out a survey, we capture your feedback and use it to shape what we build or enhance next. It’s an experience that’s built with our members, for our members.  Who else would you rather have crafting your digital experience than the credit union founded by tech professionals?

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Want to know when your account balance is lower than a specific dollar amount? Just set up an Account Balance e-Alert. Waiting for a check to clear? Then set up a Cleared Check e-Alert. We offer all kinds of customized ways for you to stay informed. 

To further safeguard your digital banking login information, you can opt for using your biometrics to log into the app or set up two-factor authentication for each login. By working with industry experts and using state-of-the-art fraud detection technology, we can stay on top of fraud trends and spot unauthorized transactions early to stay ahead of scammers.

An experience built by our members, for our members

An experience built by our members, for our members

Bank from your desktop with Online Banking or use Mobile Banking though our app, your tablet or a mobile web browser.  You can count on us for a simple, customized experience that suits your lifestyle.  

Member feedback is one of the most important factors driving what we do and how we improve here at First Tech.  Luckily for us, we have some of the brightest, forward-thinking members in the country.  You can help make First Tech even better by joining a new group of users that will shape First Tech’s digital future.

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