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We've answered some of your questions about our most popular online and mobile tools.

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Frequently asked questions


Bill Pay lets you pay your bills online using your First Tech accounts. You can pay any person or business in the United States and schedule recurring payments for each payee. For dynamic bills, eBills are available for some companies to retrieve their monthly bill.

To pay your bills online, simply use the Bill Pay feature to add your payees (the companies or people you want to pay). We use their address and phone number to generate the payments for your bills. Select the payee to make a payment or create a payment series. You will have the option of check delivery or electronic delivery, depending on the payee. Check payments will be initiated 4-7 days prior to delivery date while electronic payments are processed 2-3 business days prior to delivery date. The payment for both options is withdrawn from your account on the requested delivery date.

You can pay any business or individual based in the United States that will accept check or automatic debit payments. You do not need to have an account number or receive a bill to create a new payee. You can make payments to individuals, such as a child care providers or family members, or to companies, for example utility bills or loan payments to another financial institution.

Yes, we've incorporated several enhancements based on priorities one and two of the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. These enhancements aim to make Bill Pay more accessible to assistive technology users.

If you are the primary mortgage account owner, please login to Online Banking or Mobile Banking and navigate to the Statements feature. Click on the Statements tab and find a document called "Mortgage Loan Bill." Your payment breakdown showing principal, interest, and escrow (if applicable) is provided there as a digital copy.

Occasionally, we do ask you to verify your identity despite using the remembered device. We understand that it's an extra step, but it’s a security measure meant to protect your account. After you select a two-factor authentication delivery method, you should receive the authentication code within seconds.

Yes, you can use the First Tech App on other iOS devices. However, the First Tech App is native to phones so other devices may not support responsive or adaptive capabilities. This may result in some "quirks" related to visual display and operational functionality.

We don't have a version for BlackBerry in development. BlackBerry users can access most Online Banking features by logging into in their mobile browser.

Instead of having to take a photo with your camera, you can now let the App detect the best image of the check via the video capture functionality. Once both sides of the check are captured, click submit to finish.

Note: If you're not already enrolled in Remote Deposit, you'll get a message asking you to contact Member Services. You can enroll from a desktop computer or laptop.

For some loans, you should see an “Other” payment option in the Transfer feature; for other loans, you may need to process the regular payment, and then you will see an "Additional Payment" option. You may enter an amount into the “Other” field. If you have a minimum payment due, the minimum payment amount will be satisfied first. Any amount exceeding the minimum due will go towards your principal. On the other hand, if no minimum payment amount is due and you make a payment through the “Other” or "Additional Payment" field, depending on the loan type it may be applied towards principal and/or outstanding fees.

You can request a temporary password from the login page of Online Banking or Mobile Banking to your email or phone. Once your password is reset, you can retrieve your username online within the profile settings. If you have forgotten your username, then please visit your local branch or call 855.855.8805 for assistance. If you are not located near a First Tech branch, we recommend that you enroll in our interactive voice recognition software for the best service.

For your security, by default Online Banking will log out automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity. Mouse clicks or typing will not reset activity; you will need to load a different feature to maintain your current login.

You're protected from losses when transacting business online (and any time you use your account) when you contact us as soon as you notice suspected fraud. Do not hesitate to call us, as there is a limit to the amount of time you have to report an error or fraud. Call 855.855.8805 immediately or visit a local branch.

When attempting to access some services, including the Help files, we automatically open new browser windows so we don't interrupt your existing session. Depending on how strictly you set your pop-up blocker settings, you may not see these windows.

Please refer to your browser (or plug-in) help to allow pop-ups from, or select the link that appears when attempting to access these services.

The following features may help you navigate Bill Pay more easily:

  • Skip to Main Content Links—These links allow you to skip the page banner and the redundant navigation links and go directly to the main page content.
  • Link Titles—If a link opens a new window, you are alerted in the link title. Most of the links have descriptive labels, but we provide additional information in the link title if necessary. For this reason, we recommend that you set your screen reader to read the link title attributes.
  • Table Summaries—Whenever information is presented in a table format, we provide a brief description of the contents.
  • Font Sizes—the fonts can be resized without significantly changing the layout of a page.

Confirm your username and password for First Tech Federal Credit Union are correct. This may involve going into your account settings within Mint and enter your First Tech username and password again. If you have two-factor authentication set up, then you may want to temporarily disable this requirement to establish access. Then review to see if the accounts sync with two-factor authentication re-established.

Please contact the support services of these providers for help.

First Tech doesn’t support Bill Pay or electronic statements through Quicken, however you can use First Tech’s digital banking for these services. First Tech does support the other features of Direct Connect through Quicken.

Yes, simply search for First Tech Federal Credit Union from Quicken to link to your accounts.

Confirm you are using a recent version of Quicken. Quicken will only support the three most recent versions of its product. While your accounts and transactions may still be stored on an older version, features such as One Step Update will fail. For a list of supported Quicken products please visit

Remove closed accounts from One Step Update. Closed accounts within Direct Connect and One Step Update may impact how Quicken downloads transactions for other active accounts. Check your Account List and be sure to review any hidden accounts to ensure that all closed accounts have been removed from One Step Update.