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Image shows First Tech member, Anton, working on his desktop in his office.
Member Story

Anton's membership story.

Anton and his family arrived to the United States eight years ago. 

Despite facing fresh financial challenges brought on by an international move, First Tech offered full support for Anton and his family through 
First Tech’s International Relocation Program.


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Anton's Membership Story
Eight years ago, Anton gathered his family and moved to the United States to grow his career with one of the world’s most respected tech companies. Learn about the support he received from First Tech’s Relocation Program and why he has become a First Tech member for life.
November 07, 2023
Rajeev's Story
When Rajeev’s company invited him to relocate to Redmond, WA for a job years ago, he was overwhelmed.
October 23, 2023
More Than with Kevin Carroll: Rihana Mungin
Kevin Carroll chats with Rihana Mungin, Interim Executive Director & Board Co-Chair of PDXWIT (Portland Women in Tech). Get inspired as she discusses the importance of representation in tech, mentorship and building community.
September 20, 2022
The Next Blue Zone
Robbie Wilson, is the co-owner of the Botanist House bar and restaurant. His next goal is Project Relevance - networking ghost kitchens for the community to create a new Blue Zone in the Pacific Northwest.
December 16, 2021
With a passion for cave exploration and protecting the world around him, Dave Jackson turned his hobby into a full time job when he created CaveSim.
September 13, 2021
A Red Rubber Ball
When Kevin Carroll came to First Tech to get a loan to help self publish his first book, he didn’t realize he would be igniting a career inspiring everyone from children to Fortune 500 CEOs.
August 05, 2021