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Meet Jessie.

A little insight into Jessie Hobart.

Jessie enjoys helping First Tech members find insurance options that protect them and help them thrive. 

“I’m here to support members and their family’s wealth. Most sales jobs are based about profit margins and volume of sales, but with insurance I can help protect people’s lives and livelihood,” Jessie said. “It’s funny how long and how much we pay for insurance, but we often know very little about what we’re paying for. I enjoy teaching people the things I didn’t know either before I started doing this job. Many of us are underinsured and we don’t even know it!”

Jessie has served First Tech members for more than two years—but when he’s not working to help our members, he’s an avid Seattle Seahawks fan and a lover of live concerts. His favorite shows include several concerts at the Gorge amphitheater, as well as an Elton John show in Atlanta with his sister. He enjoys travelling across the world and spending time with his girlfriend, who also started an animal rescue service during COVID-19. 

Jessie is ready to work with you, and wants you to know that a complimentary insurance consultation is one of the many perks of being a First Tech member! Schedule a meeting with Jessie today.

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