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Get the most out of your new First Tech card

Man sitting on a sofa holding a First Tech debit card in his right hand, and holding a tablet in his left hand.
Man sitting on a sofa holding a First Tech debit card in his right hand, and holding a tablet in his left hand.

Thank you for being a First Tech member. As part of a member-owned credit union, you already enjoy benefits like lower loan rates and fewer fees for everyone. Those benefits grow even stronger when you swipe your new credit card.

This page will explain how to get the most out of your new credit card.

1. Activate your card

Activating your card lets us know you’ve received it and makes sure that it is ready to go when you’re ready to use it.
To activate your card, log into Digital Banking and select the Manage Cards feature, pick the new card, and choose “Activate”. You can also activate your card by phone by calling 888.691.8661 from the primary phone registered to your First Tech account and follow the prompts.

2. Add your card to your digital wallets

For added convenience and security, add your new card to your favorite digital wallet, like Apple Pay™ or Google Pay™ to make shopping in-store and online faster and more secure. To learn more about digital wallets, check out the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions.

3. Update your new card information

If your new card is replacing an existing First Tech credit card and you use it to pay bills, shop online, or for recurring charges, you’ll need to update the expiration date and CVC you have on file with those merchants. If your new card replaces a stolen card, you will also have to update the card information with them. 
Updating your information ensures you won’t experience any interruptions in service with your new card.

4. Personalize your PIN

You will need your PIN at some payment terminals and to get cash from ATMs. You may also need your PIN if you plan to use your card outside the United States.

You’ll be receiving your PIN by mail shortly if you haven’t already. If you would like to create a personalized PIN to use with your card, you can do that through the Manage Cards feature of Online Banking or by calling 888.312.7946. If you know your current PIN, you can change it at one of our First Tech ATMs.

Memorize your PIN. Never write it down or share your PIN with anyone. Protecting your PIN is a necessary step in protecting you against unauthorized transactions. Avoid using common dates like birthdates or anniversaries, phone numbers or other publicly available information.

5. Use First Tech Digital Banking to monitor your card activity and manage your card

First Tech Digital Banking lets you see your card transactions and balances. If you notice any unauthorized or unfamiliar transactions, contact us right away.

Image showing a smartphone and laptop with each of their screens open to the First Tech website's home page.

You can also use Digital Banking to temporarily lock and unlock your credit card to prevent unauthorized transactions.

You can let us know of your travel plans so that transactions won’t get blocked, complete balance transfers, and much more.

Digital Banking is accessible from the First Tech website or the First Tech mobile app. You can find the mobile app in either the Apple or Google app stores.


Thank you for being a First Tech credit cardholder.

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