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Can I use ATMs in other countries?

You can use any ATM that displays a logo on the back of your card (regardless of location). The financial institution that owns the ATM may charge a fee and/or only withdraw from one account type. For example, if a machine only withdraws from checking accounts, it will deny your request if you only have a savings account.

Is there a fee to use my First Tech debit card internationally?

There's a MasterCard international transaction fee (applies to Debit and ATM transactions outside of the U.S.) that's 1% of the purchase amount. Before you leave, we recommend setting a travel alert on your account to prevent our fraud monitoring system from blocking your card when they notice spending outside of your usual area. This alert can be set by providing us your travel dates and destination(s) in a secure message through Online Banking, contacting us at 855.855.8805 or visiting a First Tech location.


Is there a fee to use my First Tech credit card internationally?

No, First Tech credit cards do not have foreign transaction fees!


What kind of credit card should I use for international travel?

Chip and PIN is the most secure type of credit card technology. Instead of a signature being used for identity verification, it requires you to enter a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) that must correspond to information contained in a computer chip embedded within the card. The Chip and PIN authentication method has been a global standard across Europe and Asia for many years which means using your card while traveling overseas will be even more convenient. Authorizing your transactions with a PIN is not new to debit card transactions, but is a new way to authorize payments with a credit card.


How do I contact First Tech when I’m abroad?

Our international phone number is 1.503.644.4034. Mastercard related questions should be directed to their international phone numbers which can be found in the Mastercard Guide to Benefits on page 6 of the document.


What if I don’t remember my PIN?

If you’re near a First Tech location, feel free to visit and we’ll help you out. Otherwise, give us a call at 855.855.8805 at least 8 business days before your departure so we can mail you a new card and PIN.

I received a call from Falcon Fraud Detection system, what is this?

First Tech is committed to keeping your personal and financial information safe from misuse. To safeguard your debit and credit card transactions, we've partnered with Falcon Fraud Detection to help monitor your transactions and look for unauthorized card use.


Does my First Tech credit card provide any travel coverage or protection?

Yes, Mastercard® provides Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption benefits for purchases made on the card. Worldwide Automatic Travel Accident & Baggage Delay coverage is also offered. See the Mastercard Guide to Benefits to learn more.



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