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Join Blaze’s Trail Savers for money smarts made easy for kids

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Welcome to Blaze’s Trail Savers!

Portland Trail Blazers and First Tech Federal Credit Union

Blaze’s Trail Savers is a program that offers an exciting and informative path for your child to learn about the basics of finances. All kids in the club will be introduced to the ideas of saving, investing, income and careers, all while playing games and hanging out with Blaze the Trail Cat. 

Smart money habits start here, and they start early. Once your child is ready to take the next step in handling their own finances, you can get them set up with a First Tech Start Up Account and have a bank account just for them.

If your kid hasn’t already started, it’s easy to encourage learning today. Join the Trail Savers club by completing the enrollment form below, and make sure to check out some more financial resources for you and your child from First Tech:

Start Learning

First Tech Federal Credit Union Trail Savers Financial Wellness Game Ages 8-12

In this module, you’ll play games and engage with exciting interactive content to build your financial skills. Here you’ll learn important financial lessons, like responsible money choices, and the basics of credit and borrowing. 

Registration Code: 904410e4

First Tech Federal Credit Union Trail Savers game Ages 11-17

In this module, you’ll take your financial skills one step further with immersive lessons in entrepreneurship. Here we’ll cover important subjects to help you start your own business, such as making product and staff decisions, and pitching your very own business plan to potential investors.

Registration Code: 3c70c7a8

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It's not too early to learn how to spend and save

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