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The power of your voice

Person speaking directly into smartphone
You’re one of a kind, and so is your voice. Enroll by calling us at 855.855.8805 Monday–Friday from 6am–6pm PT and say “VoiceID” when prompted.
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If you’ve enrolled in Voice ID, you can access a wealth of information about First Tech and your accounts without having to wait for a representative. We’re always adding to the service features of our Voice ID system, so be sure to check in periodically or just give us a call at 855.855.8805 and try it out.

  • Make a payment on a First Tech loan – say “loan payment”

  • Check transactions on your First Tech credit card – say “recent account activity”

  • Transfer funds between First Tech accounts – say “transfer”

  • Check balances of any First Tech account – say “account balance”

  • Get information about First Tech, including routing number and mailing addresses – say “routing number” or “address”

  • Check account balances – say “account balance”

  • Hear recent transactions – say “recent activity”

  • Change your debit or credit card PIN – say “pin”

  • Make a payment to your First Tech credit card from another financial institution using routing and account number – say “payment”

  • Hear your mortgage escrow balance after hearing your mortgage balance – say “mortgage balance”

  • Hear decline reasons on your credit card – say “card decline”

  • Get an automobile loan pay off quote – say “loan pay off”

  • Get an application status on a checking or savings account – say “application status”

Security of Voice ID
Your voice ID is stored securely by First Tech as an algorithm used to access your accounts with us.

How to delete voice print
If you choose not to use your voice as your password, please call 855.855.8805 Monday–Friday from 6am–6pm PT and any agent can assist you.