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Tap into your home’s value

Use your home equity line of credit to put extra cash in your pocket. 

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Icon style illustration of a houseYour home could be more valuable than you think. We can help put that value to work for you, with a HELOC to tackle your next home remodel, consolidate debt with better rates or pay for life’s big expenses. First Tech makes it fast and easy to manage your home equity line of credit—whenever and wherever you need. Log in to First Tech digital banking and you can make transfers or adjustments on the go. When you initiate an internal transfer from your HELOC to your checking or savings account, your funds are transferred immediately.

You can also access your HELOC funds in other ways:

  • Initiate an external transfer to another financial institution in Online Banking
  • Schedule a wire transfer in Online Banking
  • Request a cashier’s check by calling 855.855.8805 or visit a nearby location
  • Request a book of HELOC-specific checks by calling 855.855.8805