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Jumbo Home Loans in Seattle

The Seattle area is an amazing place to live, work and play.

Jumbo Home Loans in Seattle

What is a jumbo home loan?

Jumbo Home Loans in Seattle
A jumbo home loan is a mortgage in which the loan amount is higher than the conforming loan limits set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Each year, the Federal Housing Finance Agency determines the conforming loan limits. In 2023, the conforming loan limit for most counties in the state of Washington is $726,200. Homes in Seattle area counties (King, Pierce and Snohomish) are more expensive on average so the conforming loan limit in these locations in 2023 is $977,500. This means any loan above these amounts is considered a jumbo loan.

Why Seattle?

The Seattle area has so much to offer residents, from the natural beauty of the Puget Sound to the flourishing arts and culture scene. Emerald City residents enjoy the best of urban life and outdoor recreation, from the bustling Pike Place Market to the countless parks and trails. Popular major league sports teams keep residents cheering year around. Seattle chefs provide some of the most exceptional food and drink, often inspired by the freshest local ingredients. Whatever you’re looking to do, taste and see, you can find it in the Seattle area. It’s no wonder housing is in such high demand and the average price of homes is up. 

Why First Tech?

First Tech has been helping members with home lending in Seattle for more than 30 years. Our local Mortgage Loan Officers know the unique housing markets of Ballard, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Queen Anne and the entire Seattle area. Speak with us to learn more about your home loan options, including jumbo mortgages. Or if you’re ready to see how much you may qualify for, submit a pre-qualification request today. 

Seattle area Mortgage Loan Officers

Becky Norton headshot

Becky Norton

Senior Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #665299
425.503.5081 Mobile
Bobbi Moody headshot

Bobbi Moody

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #583031
206.295.2860 Direct

Trinh Ton headshot

Trinh Ton

Senior Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #131020
425.922.7298 Direct

Art Zastrow headshot

Art Zastrow

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #404057
206.226.9845 Direct

Alex Dorn headshot

Alex Dorn

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #610023

425.531.8249 Direct

Brent K. Chan

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #583052
206.920.8451 Direct

Brian Brinkley headshot

Brian Brinkley

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #215765
206.919.7756 Direct

Mortgage Loan Officer Jenni Reese

Jenni Reese

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #665370
425.777.0484 Direct

Shadwick Newkirk headshot

Shadwick Newkirk

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #693188
425.301.8409 Direct

Erin Mitchell head shot

Erin Mitchell

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #745336
503.485.3551 Direct
503.428.7516 Mobile


All loans are subject to credit approval. Credit Union membership is required and subject to approval. Property and/or flood hazard insurance may be required.