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More Than with Kevin CarrollMore Than with David Carroll


Welcome to More Than, a new series hosted by Kevin Carroll.

In this series, Kevin—an author, speaker and “instigator of inspiration”—is on a mission to make a deeper connection with our community. Through conversations and stories, Kevin will share secrets from successful people who are working to make our community better, and learn a little more about their passions and motivations. 

More Than with Kevin Carroll - The New Year Revolution
In the season finale of More Than, Kevin chats with wellness coach Rajiv Harry and learns how to stay motivated and focused when building new habits for a healthier lifestyle.
The Hope Fence
In our third episode, Kevin and Jen Tate, owner of Portland’s Hope Fence, talk about the importance of community and how one simple act inspired so many throughout the pandemic.
How Sweet It Is
In this episode, Kevin meets with Brian and Pilar, owners of How Sweet It Is. Having gained popularity and success early on, Bryan and Pilar share their journey to opening their own candy business, and some tips they learned along the way.
The first episode of More Than with Kevin Carroll. Kevin meets with Grant and Phillip, the creative forces behind BUCKETS, as they share their inspiration, love of hoops, and how they invest in passion, purpose, and intention.