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Invest in your work

Invest in your work

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Tips for Working from Home With Kids

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Thousands of parents and caregivers have found themselves working from home this year. And with many families without childcare, this has thrown up a whole host of logistical issues. 

Adults have had to learn to juggle hours of Zoom call meetings with colleagues and emails, at the same time as entertaining, teaching and caring for their children on a daily basis - this is no small feat! Here we share 5 tips for working from home with kids.

Schedule or No Schedule?

For some, a set daily or weekly schedule works well. Kids (and grown-ups!) can sit down for their lunch before anyone gets hungry and grumpy, and the daily exercise is never forgotten. For others, it might work better to allow a little more flexibility to the day; to rest, eat, learn and play when the mood takes. Make some time to assess how your family works best, and build a schedule that reflects your needs.

Make Snacks Available

No matter your child’s age, a hungry child is a grumpy one. Consider setting up a healthy snack table at the start of each day, or move snacks to an area of the kitchen that is accessible for your child. If that’s not feasible, have a snack box at your workstation so that you are able to easily satisfy hungry tummies quickly without much disruption throughout the day.

Activity Station

Having a table close to your workstation that is filled with different activities for your child to explore, is a great way to keep younger children entertained while you work. Switch it up each day or week with jigsaw puzzles, crayons and paper, building blocks, stickers - anything that might keep your child engaged for a period of time. 

Set Realistic Expectations!

Setting realistic expectations can mean the difference between a stress-filled, anxious day, and a (relatively!) calm and positive one. Like having a newborn, this new situation we find ourselves in is one that requires a letting go of expectations. Be realistic about deadlines, plan for interruptions and know that productivity levels will be reduced while you’re working from home.

Go Easy on Yourself

Working from home with kids is hard. During this time, try to see the little wins as great ones, go easy on yourself when things don’t work out the way you hoped and know that this is a temporary situation that will pass.

For more tips on working from home with kids, check out our video Tips for Homeschooling.