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How To Cool Your Home Without AC

A 90 degree day can be great until it's time for bed. Sleeping in a hot home with no air conditioning can be taxing for even the heat-lovers among us. Try these 7 tips for cooling your home without a/c.

1. Hack your fan
Fill a large bowl with ice or an ice pack and place it in front of your fan. The air will push that icy cold mist around your room and have you cooled down in minutes.

2. Go counterclockwise
Run your ceiling fans counterclockwise on their highest setting to push air straight down and create a wind chill effect. Just remember to turn them back in the winter!

3. Feel the breeze
Grab a bed sheet and spray it with cold water. Cover an open window and relax as the breeze passes through the cool, damp fabric, cooling your home as it goes.

4. Shut it down
Close any doors to the rooms you aren’t using often like bedrooms or bathrooms. This will concentrate the cool air in a single area, and can allow the room you’re using most to cool down more quickly. 

5. Let the night air in
Keeping your windows closed and covered during the day will help to stop your home warming up as the temperature rises. But when the sun goes down, throw those windows open to let all that cool night air in. As soon as you wake, close and cover the windows again to trap as much cool air as you can.

6. Make the Switch
Swap your light bulbs to CFLs, or compact fluorescent lamps. Incandescent bulbs waste about 90 percent of their energy in the heat they emit, so make the switch and feel the difference!

7. Use the bathroom fan
Bathroom exhaust fans not only keep your home moisture-free, they can also keep your home cool by sucking hot air out and allowing cool air to replace it. Leave them on for a few hours during the hottest time of the day and watch them work their magic.

Even if your home has air conditioning, these simple tricks can help cool your home without the extra cost of running your unit all day through the summer. Try some in your home next time the temperature rises and let us know how it works out @firsttechfed on Instragram or Facebook.