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Invest in your home

Woman sitting on a couch opening a box.
Woman sitting on a couch opening a box.

5-minute Decluttering Projects

woman in a living room reducing clutter on the coffee table

An organized home is something many of us dream of, but it can be time consuming and overwhelming to achieve, which means it often doesn’t get done at all.

We’re here to help! Below is a collection of eight, 5-minute projects to help you get rid of clutter quickly and easily, leaving you feeling a little more organized.

Free up the closet

woman going through clothes in a closet

Open your closet doors and think fast! Have you worn it in the last year? Does it fit you? Are you ever likely to wear it again? If the answer is no, spend 5 minutes gathering as many items as you can to donate locally. 

Clear the desk

desk showing a clock and a laptop computer with a calendar app open

Pull everything off your desktop, wipe it down and only put back the items you want and need. Everything else can go in a basket under the desk or into a drawer if you really need it. 

Clutter-free sleep

Clear the top of your bedside table as well as the cupboard or drawers underneath if you have them. Put books back on the shelf, recycle that old magazine and consider charging your phone somewhere else at night!

Throw out old medicines

Check the use-by dates on all medications and toiletries. Safely dispose of any products that are past their expiration date or that you do not use anymore. Consider putting each family member's items into a separate labeled box or shelf in the cupboard to keep things organized long-term.

Just one box

woman at home filling boxes

Take a medium sized cardboard box and fill it with items that you no longer want or need. You can walk around your entire house and pick the ‘easy’ items, or focus on one specific room and dig a little deeper. However you choose to do this task, don’t spend longer than 5 minutes on it!

Clear the condiments

The fridge door is often a collection of condiments that has grown over weeks, months and sometimes even years! Take 5 minutes to check all the bottles and jars and dispose of anything that has passed its use by date, or that you just don’t use. Mealtimes will be just that little bit easier!

Don’t forget the car

Candy wrappers, coffee cups, kids soccer shoes and more can often be left in the car without us really noticing them. Check your glove compartment, doors, under seats and in the trunk for anything that can go straight into the trash or back into its rightful place.

The dreaded junk drawer

We all have one, we all loathe it. The junk drawer will always be the junk drawer, let’s not kid ourselves. But how much of it could you organize in less than 5 minutes? No need to empty the entire drawer, just spend a few minutes taking out and rehoming the easy items - put the pencil back in the desk drawer, gather the rubber bands in a little baggy and put those old receipts in the trash. You’ll be surprised how much you get through in 5 minutes.

Finding 5 minutes here and there to declutter our homes is much more manageable than finding an entire weekend to tackle it. And the results are often just as rewarding. Little by little you can begin to make changes that bring you closer to that dream of an organized and clutter-free life.