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Setting up a dorm room.

Young woman sitting on a dorm room bed with a laptop computer.
Moving into a dorm is an exciting time. But decorating that new, compact space can be a challenge. Designer Julia Domogalla from Nesting Blissfully Interiors shares her expert tips for making your dorm room your own.

Increase The Sense of Space

“It may be overwhelming to decorate a small space that’s on a budget and has certain limitations, but here are a few ways to help! First look into purchasing a large leaning mirror. This will make the space feel larger as it will help bounce light around the room. The arched style is very popular right now”. While there are several large mirrors available in homewares stores and online, we suggest trying estate sales and salvage yards for low cost options.

Add Personality

When it comes to color and personality, it can be difficult to make the space feel like your own when you are limited to the parameters of dorm room living. Julia suggests “applying peel and stick wallpaper as it can be easily removed once you are done”. We have found some great options at Minted and Spoonflower. 

“You can also use command velcro strips to hang lightweight wall art or photos to personalize the space”. Remember to follow the instructions carefully when removing command strips - when done correctly they leave no trace!

Maximize Your Square Footage

You’ll likely want to maximize the space you have in your dorm room and Julia recommends nesting tables that you can pull out and use when friends come to visit and stack away neatly when you’re done. “Also,” says Julia, “make sure to utilize every available space such as behind the door hooks and bins under your bed”.

Buy Budget Friendly

Finally, looking after your budget as a student is probably going to be a top priority. Julia suggests shopping at local thrift stores, “sometimes you can find some amazing things!! Otherwise Ross Dress for Less is my go to for super budget friendly home decor”.

We hope these tips help you as you move into your student accommodation. With a little planning and creativity you can create a dorm room that feels just like home!