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How to deposit a check on Mobile

QR CodeDepositing a paper check with the First Tech App is fast and secure. You’ll be saving yourself time and gas money by using mobile deposit at home or where ever you are. No ATM or branch needed and it takes just a minute to make a deposit.

Download the Mobile App by scanning the QR code.

Best practices for mobile deposit

  • Remember to sign the back of the check before capturing an image. 
  • Make sure the amount on the check is the same amount you’ve entered in the “Deposit amount” field.
  • Confirm the amount on the check is equal to or less than your daily deposit limit.
  • Check the box on the back that says something like “For mobile deposit only”. If this doesn’t exist, write “For mobile deposit at First Tech” on the back, under the signature line. 
  • Place your check on a dark surface so the check can be seen clearly. 
  • Make sure all four corners of the check are intact and not folded. 
  • You may need to capture the image in a place that is well-lit so the image isn’t too dark. 
  • After using mobile deposit, store the paper check in a safe place for at least 60 days.