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Lost or Stolen Cards

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What to do if your card is lost or stolen.

  1. Lock your card using the Manage Cards feature in digital banking. Click to learn how to lock your card in the mobile app or through Online Banking.
  2. Report it by calling us at 855.855.8805 or stopping by a First Tech Experience Center
  3. Request a new card using the Replace Card feature in digital banking. Click to learn how to request a new card in the mobile app or through Online Banking.

Preventing fraudulent transactions

If you suspect fraudulent activity on your card, call us right away at 855.855.8805.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to prevent every fraudulent or unauthorized transaction, but there are a few things you can to do reduce your risk and respond to any that do happen before they become a problem. Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for Fraud Text Alerts. When we find a suspicious transaction on your First Tech card, we’ll send you a text message that includes the relevant details. You just respond to the text to let us know if we should honor the transaction or not. If not, or we don’t hear from you, we’ll refuse the transaction and block the card. Click here to register for Fraud Text Alerts for your credit card. Debit card users are automatically enrolled.
  2. Use digital wallet services, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Wallet to make purchases. When you use these services, either in-store or online (where available), a random code is used to complete the transaction, rather than your actual card number. In the unlikely event that a fraudster hacks into the merchant’s payment data, they won’t be able to use your credit card to make unauthorized purchases on your account.
  3. Use the First Tech mobile app to monitor your transactions. If someone uses your card who isn’t supposed to, the faster you report it to us, the sooner we can fix it. Reviewing your transactions on a regular basis using the First Tech mobile app can help you catch errors and fraud long before you get your monthly statement.
  4. Keep your PIN and card separate. Be sure to memorize your PIN. Don't keep it in your purse or wallet with your card. If you do, and your wallet or purse is stolen, the thief will have a much easier time getting to your money if they have your card and PIN. 

If you have more questions about what to do when your card goes missing or how to keep your accounts safe, you can reach us by phone, secure message, and more. Visit our contact page to learn all the ways you can reach us.