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Why am I seeing additional steps to verify my identity when I try to log in to digital banking? 

To protect our members and credit union, we occasionally introduce an additional verification layer that you need to pass to access your digital banking.

Known Issues

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Money Movement

Issue Fix / workaround / solution Platform(s) impacted
In Bill Pay, the “Date Range” in the search function is not working properly in the “Scheduled” tab. The results are displaying the current month’s records in addition to whatever data range you have set to. We’re aware of this issue and are working to resolve it. Desktop and mobile app
You may see a blank screen when trying to dispute a transaction using Safari as your web browser. Please use another browser and try again. Desktop
You are unable to edit a scheduled bill payment for a funding account that is hidden. First, unhide the funding account in Settings before editing scheduled bill payments. Desktop and mobile app
Some members may see a “There is a problem loading the wires page” error message when they click on the Wires feature in online banking. First, try to click on another widget in the menu, then go back to Wires again. Or, you can log out of online banking and log in again.

If the issue persists, please send us a secure message with your wire transfer request, and we will assist while we work to resolve this issue.
After you submit a Send Money with Zelle transaction successfully, tapping on the ‘back’ arrow would take you back to the transaction details screen. Please do not resubmit as it would create a duplicate transaction. We’re working to remove the ‘back’ arrow in a future release.
If you’re unsure, please check the Activity Center before submitting the same transaction again.
iOS mobile apps
On the Accounts screen, there is a “Pay a Bill” quick action button, if you’re a first-time Bill Pay user, you may encounter an error after tapping on it. Instead, please navigate to the Bill Pay feature in your menu, then initiate a bill from there. This error only happens the first time you access it as a new Bill Pay user. After you’ve registered for Bill Pay, the button will work. Android mobile apps


You may experience an error opening the Zelle User Agreement in the app. Please review the Zelle User Agreement on the website. iOS mobile apps


In the Zelle feature’s Activity Center, you may encounter an issue searching with an apostrophe. Exclude the special character from your search and try again. iOS mobile apps
In the Zelle feature, you’re unable to add a recipient whose name contains special characters, like ampersand, hyphen and apostrophe. In these rare cases where your recipient’s legal name does contain these special characters, please open a browser from your mobile app, and log into mobile web banking through Then add your recipient from there. iOS mobile apps
If you have trouble using the “Bill Pay” or “Transfer” features, please make sure you’re using the most current version of your web browser. If you’re using Edge or Firefox and having issues, try Internet Explorer or Chrome. Please check your browser’s settings and see if there is an update. Desktop

Some credit card transactions are being listed as "Pending" in the transaction history even though they have been declined.

We’re aware of this issue and are working on a solution.

Desktop and mobile app

Some members have reported an issue preventing them from sorting transfers under the “Scheduled” and “History” tabs in the Transfer feature. We’re aware of this issue and are working on a fix. Desktop and mobile app
Some members have issues accessing the Activity Center or Zelle Settings. Please exit out of the Zelle feature and try again. Mobile app
An intermediate screen may appear in Zelle for a few seconds after you click on the back button. Please exit out of the screen and try again. Mobile app
Some members may experience an intermittent error on the screen while accessing Zelle. If you see an error while trying to send money, try again in a few minutes. Mobile app
Zelle senders may not receive email notifications if the recipient is not able to collect the money from their financial institution. We recommend that you view the status of your "Send Money" transaction in the "Activity" screen. There, you will see whether your money was successfully "sent" or "failed". Mobile app
Some members may experience issues with a remote deposit. When depositing a check via the app, please neatly write “For mobile deposit only at First Technology Federal Credit Union” on the back of your check after signing. If you receive an error or the check wouldn’t go through, please visit a First Tech location. Mobile app
If you have an international address on file, you cannot access the Bill Pay feature.  Update your address to a domestic address will resolve this issue.  All
You may not be able to delete or skip the next monthly recurring bill payment in Bill Pay. Please contact us for assistance.  All


Issue Fix / workaround / solution Platform(s) impacted
You may encounter some display issues after tapping on the ‘back’ arrow in the Manage Cards feature. We’re working to resolve this issue by potentially removing this arrow. Please navigate to a different feature using the navigation menu at the bottom instead. iOS mobile apps
If you’re using a nickname for an account, please keep it under 25 characters. Otherwise the display of the name will be affected. Use an account nickname less than 25 characters. Android mobile apps
If you have chosen to hide all of your accounts in Settings, the Snapshot feature is not reflecting this change and is still allowing you to preview account balances without having to log in. Please manually disable Snapshot in Settings to stop displaying account balances if you wish to hide all accounts. Mobile apps
After you make a transfer, the status of the transfer at the top of the confirmation screen has a display issue where the words are overlapping each other. This display issue does not impact the functionality, and you should still be able to make out the words of the status, pending or successful. Mobile apps
An error occurs when paying a First Tech credit card from an external account. To pay your First Tech credit card, please use your First Tech checking or savings account. Desktop and mobile app
Some members cannot locate their tax forms and notices in their respective tabs. Please look under the “Statements” tab for notices and tax forms. Desktop and mobile app
Account numbers are not available in the mobile app or through a mobile web browser in the Accounts feature. Please log into Online Banking from a desktop. You can find your account numbers under Account Details. Mobile app and mobile web browser
On the Dashboard, data shown in “Next 30 days” and “Last 15 days” may not be accurate. Please use the Bill Pay feature to look up accurate information on your bill history and due dates. Desktop


Issue Fix / workaround / solution Platform(s) impacted
In the Accounts feature, there’s a “Transaction Memo” field for you to personalize, but it won’t appear in your search results. Please know that when you search for a transaction in the search function, it may not be able to find the words you typed into the Memo field. Mobile apps


Online banking, aka desktop view, does not have the Transaction Memo field which mobile apps have under “Transaction Details” screen. So if you have a memo, it will show up in the Transaction Description when you access Online Banking from a desktop. Please find your personalized Transaction Memo in the Transaction Description, as they’ve been merged together in the desktop view. Mobile apps and desktop (online banking)
You will experience a hard time saving memos for any check transactions. We’re aware of all of these issues related to the Transaction Memo field in the app, and are working to address them. Mobile apps
The current balance may show $0.00 for your Flexity Line of Credit account. Click on the account and gointo details to view what is owed on your loan, or you can click the Pay button. Desktop and mobile app


Members have reported that they are not receiving real-time email, push and/or SMS alerts even though they have this feature turned on. Some of the alerts are not real-time by design. We’re working on an update so all alerts will be sent out in a real-time manner. Desktop and mobile app
If you use your old username and/or password to retrieve First Tech account information in Quicken, you'll be locked out of the new Online Banking on your next login attempt. Please update your First Tech credentials in Quicken. Members should use Express Web Connect if they are not able to sync accounts with Direct Connect. For instructions on how to do so visit To troubleshoot Quicken issues visit Desktop and/or mobile app
You may have difficulties accessing “Settings” after changing your username or password. Please log out and log in again. All


Issue Fix / workaround / solution Platform(s) impacted
You may encounter the error code “500, subcode:302” when logging in. Please wait and try again later. Desktop and mobile app
Even though you may choose “SMS” as a Two-factor Authentication delivery method, all of your phone numbers (including phone numbers that do not support text messaging) will be displayed.  Please choose an SMS-enabled mobile number. We’re working to fix this in a future release. Desktop and Mobile app
New digital banking users may experience an intermittent 404 error after logging in for the first time. Please log out of Online Banking and log in again. Desktop
Some members received an erroneous email notification on March 24th about a login attempt from an unregistered device. Please disregard this email notification. Not applicable


Issue Fix / workaround / solution Platform(s) impacted
Occasionally, CAPTCHA is being triggered when you’re trying to log out of the mobile app, or it’s slow to load. Please wait for a few minutes, or close the app then restart it. Mobile app


Issue Fix / workaround / solution Platform(s) impacted
The check images do not appear properly with certain mobile app versions. We’re currently investigating the issue. Please use a desktop computer to view check images in Online Banking. Mobile app
When a filter is added while viewing accounts, the transactions downloaded do not match the filtered results. We’re aware of this issue and are working to resolve it. Desktop and mobile app

The “back” button on the app does not work in the “Check Services” feature.

Use the “back” button on your phone to go back to the menu. Mobile app
In the Manage Cards feature, access to the Rewards website is currently unavailable for iOS devices. Please log into Online Banking from a desktop to access the Rewards website while we work to develop a mobile solution for iOS devices. iOS mobile apps
As of 3.6.2021, members are experiencing difficulties when they’re trying to connect to First Tech from the Quicken application or website. When asked “How should Quicken connect?”, choose “Express Web Connect” instead of “Direct Connect". We’re working as quickly as possible to resolve this issue. Quicken