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Frequently Asked Questions

Taxes Frequently Asked Questions

First Tech's Tax ID number (EIN) is 23-7062675.

For more information about your 1099-INT form, please see below.

Members may have questions about receiving a 1099-INT tax form. A 1099-INT is required by the IRS when amounts of $10.00 and over in value are paid to the member, directly or indirectly. A 1099-INT reports interest earned, bonus dollars paid, and other amounts gifted toward association dues or new account funding.

Here are a few of the top reasons that you may have received a 1099-INT tax form from First Tech Federal Credit Union:

  • Purchased a vehicle through a dealership where the loan is provided by First Tech
  • First Tech purchased your loan from a partner or another financial institution
  • Became a First Tech Federal Credit Union member by applying online
  • Received a monetary bonus for participating in a promotion
  • First Tech funded your new Membership Savings account
  • First Tech paid the dues to one of these associations on your behalf: Financial Fitness Association (FFA) or Computer History Museum (CHM).

Note: this is a partial list of scenarios and members may experience multiple scenarios.