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Which type of RV is right for you? 

A guide for first-time buyers

Motor home on a highway bridge in the mountainsMotor home on a highway bridge in the mountains Many people are starting to see the value of RVs for standard recreation and as a lifestyle, especially in the thick of the work-from-home movement and the current housing market. 

RVs are a great way to have all the conveniences of home while also traveling freely and living simply. With so many people entering the world of recreational vehicles for the first time, we figure there would be many questions about what to look for, and we want to help.  

When you've decided to purchase an RV, you should ask yourself, what will I be using the RV for? Will I take it out on weekend camping trips? Will I travel? How many people will it need to accommodate? What features need to be included? Is it within my budget?

Here, we will provide a list of RV types that people most often consider when looking to buy. We invite you to follow along and weigh your options as you search for your perfect RV.

Types of RVs

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Class A

The largest type of RV, Class A RVs, are typically the roomiest and provide extensive homelike features. They come in various sizes and layouts and can run either on gas or diesel. Standard amenities include a kitchen area, large refrigerator, bathrooms, washer/dryer, partitioned bedrooms, and plenty of storage space.

Class B

Class B RVs are another popular choice with great features. They're usually a bit smaller than Class A RVs, only fitting 2 to 4 people at a time. Additionally, they often come with practically-designed homelike amenities such as dedicated kitchen space, convertible dining, a bathroom setup, and a sleeping area. They're an excellent choice for those looking for the luxuries of home but don't necessarily need the space or spend of a larger vehicle.

Class C

Class C RVs are often compared to Class A's because they have a similar structure and features, just on a smaller scale. They can run on either gas or diesel and often come included with a kitchen area, dining space, bathroom, sleeping, and storage space. These spaces in a Class C RV tend to overlap or do double duty to save on space and cost. 

A unique feature commonly found in Class C RVs is the over-cab interior area, which can be used as a sleeping space or for your entertainment system.


These RVs are a popular choice if you're looking for something towable. Just lock it into your truck's bed and hit the road. Fifth-Wheels are often equipped with a kitchen area, bathroom, washer/dryer, partitioned sleeping spaces, and a loft space. 

Its unique extension over the truck bed is most often used as a bedroom. This is perfect for outdoors-loving families, with the added convenience of having transportation separate from the living space. This means there is no need to tow a car behind the RV or rely on public transit for transport after setting up your RV at your destination.

Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are a great towing option if you have an SUV or a truck. They typically come with a large kitchen area, bathroom, sleeping space, and optional slide-outs to maximize the interior space. 

An added benefit of travel trailers is that they are usually easier to maintain and often hold most of their market value after the initial purchase.

Sport-Utility Trailer

Often referred to as a "Toy Hauler," sport-utility trailers are a great fit if you're the type of person who enjoys camping and bringing along larger equipment like ATVs, mountain bikes, or motorcycles. In addition to the typical homelike features that you'll find in other RV types, these trailers come with a garage-style storage area that can be accessed via a ramped door.


Pop-ups are the lightest type of RV, with walls that extend to create the interior living space! Because of their weight, it's also possible to tow pop-ups with most cars. In addition, they come equipped with kitchen space, sleeping areas, and room to lounge around. These are a great option for a family who loves to camp light.

Ready for Your RV?

We hope this has provided valuable information for your RV search. If you think you're ready to consider buying an RV, please visit our RV loans page to learn more about taking out a loan.