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Keith Mannthey, Principal Solutions Architect Manager, Panasas.

First Tech Member for 19 years

Keith Mannthey and wife, Becky.

Hi there, tell us who you are and what you do for a living.

Hi! I am Keith Mannthey, husband to my wife Becky and father of two boys. I work at Panasas, a company that has a very reliable high performance filesystem using places like NASA, Boeing, Airbus and many others. I wear a few hats in my current role as the Manager of the Solution Architect team, Performance Lead and Voice of the Customer.

I graduated from Oregon State University in 2002 with a BS in Computer Science. After graduating I started working at IBM as a Linux Kernel developer where I was for about 10 years. At IBM I did everything from Linux OS system bring up, L4 Linux kernel customer support, Realtime Linux and Filesystem performance. 

After IBM I went to a company called Whamcloud who at the time was the learning provider of Lustre, a high-performance filesystem. I started there as a software engineer but within a year I moved into a technical pre-sales role (Solution Architect). Whamcloud was acquired by Intel not long after I joined. For several years I did the Lustre Solution Architect role designing Lustre systems, installing Lustre systems, training users and partners, speaking at conferences - basically anything technical in the Sales and Marketing of the Lustre filesystem. 

After about 4 years the Lustre project left Intel but I stayed. My 2nd son was on the way and I did not want to be in a traveling pre-sales role while he was very young. I transitioned back into the “factory” side of software and solutions. After Lustre I started leading work on Intel HPC Solutions in the areas of Genomics, HPC/AI convergence and the DAOS Filesystem (another HPC file system). I worked as a Technical Architect, Team Lead and Snr. Developer for several years. All in all I was at Intel for 10 years. 
Intel was going through a transition and my youngest son was starting full time kindergarten. It was a good time to get back into a pre-sales role. Several of my old Lustre teammates had started at Panasas and wanted me to join and do my thing. It was a win/win and I have now been at Panasas for 1.5 years.

The tech industry is what powers our modern world and as someone born in 1980 I’ve seen it constantly change. I am a natural problem solver and engineer and working in the tech industry allows me to help shape the modern world and be challenged with new ideas and technology all the time. It is never boring and I look forward (most days!) to improving technology that affects many people all over the word.

The savviest financial decision I’ve ever made was to steadily fund my 401k. We have done well with real estate and have some other investments but the “don't think about it” 401k investing is the best thing I have done so far to really build long term financial security.  

My boys and I do RC car/trucks. We take them around to local parks and all the way to the beach sometimes. We just go out and bash and have a good time. 

We have a nice theater setup in our basement floor, 138-inch widescreen setup with a nice projector and sound systems. We watch movies and play video games down there. It is a really fun space. 

We have a 15-foot swimming pool in our backyard. It is awesome in the summer. In general, we spend money on “fun” things, we are just starting some regular bowling for the winter.

  1. Before I joined First Tech I was getting all sorts of random fees from my bank, $10 to $20 dings all the time for this and that. When I got to First Tech all that ended for me.
  2. First Tech makes it easy to manage our checking, short term savings accounts and currently an auto loan. Whether it’s online, in person, or on the phone we have always had great service.
  3. First Tech has helped us finance a few different cars and helped my wife with her publishing company business accounts. I’ve always found they have good rates and treat us very well.

I joined First Tech before we learned how to manage our money (before knowing how to budget, control spending, save and invest), they have been good partners as we matured. They have helped with lots of things including:

  1. The online tools make it easy to track spending and set up automatic transfers to savings and investments. It is very easy to move money around to the various places it needs to be.
  2. They make auto loans easy - we have done this a few times over the years and they always have a good rate and program for us. It is nice to auto loan with First Tech and to just deal with a single bank to manage these expenses.
  3. A few years ago, we had a fraudulent credit card charge after buying a standing desk from a small online store. Thankfully First Tech was great at taking care of it. The fraud team did a great job in getting the charges removed and dealing with the situation.

I cannot imagine going back to a commercial bank again. I don’t have to worry about what my bank is going to try and charge me for all sorts of normal things. They are one of the few places that we don’t have to worry about because they care about their members more than shareholders.

There are a few key parts to our financial stability:

  1. Living on less than we take home. Paying cash for most things and not having any credit card debt at the end of the month.
  2. Having cash for house projects, vacations and things our family needs and likes. I call that short term savings for “life”.
  3. Having cash for my children's college and our retirement - we are working on this!

We want to be ready for major house expenses (our house is turning 20 years old) and is close to needing a new roof, new windows and HVAC updates. Our goal is to borrow as little as possible and pay things off as quickly as possible and we know that First Tech is our partner in that goal!