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Making Online and Mobile Banking even safer

You just received a check, and you want to deposit it right away. What do you do next? Grab your keys and brave traffic to get to the nearest First Tech location. Or you could simply reach for your smartphone, sign the check, and let the First Tech app deposit it for you. It’s like running an errand while sitting at your kitchen table. 

Are you taking advantage of the convenience of online and mobile banking? If not, it may be because you are concerned with the safety and security of using these kinds of online tools. But it’s important to note that, in many ways, First Tech Online and Mobile Banking can be even more secure than traditional banking. That’s because First Tech employs leading security practicesbehind the scenes. Plus, there are easy steps you can take to make online and mobile banking even safer.

Four ways to make safe even safer 
When you sign up for First Tech Online and Mobile Banking, consider these steps to add extra layers of protection. You can: 

  • Create a strong password: Your password protects your information. Be sure to choose a strong password. Avoid anything too simple—like a dictionary word. Don’t share or write down passwords, and use different passwords for each account. Mix letters, numbers, and symbols in your password. For letters, use both capitals and lower cases. Of course, you’ll need to remember your password, so make it memorable. Consider creating an acronym from an unexpected sentence you’ll remember. The sentence: “Ted was my best friend in 11th grade!” could become “TWmyBF@11thG!”
  • Set up multifactor authentication: Your password authenticates you, but you can add another element with multifactor authentication. It’s a security key that can either be a physical token, called a hard token, or an application on your device, called a soft token. These tokens protect against issues like viruses on your devices. Setting up multifactor authentication is easy. Learn how.
  • Monitor your account activity: With First Tech’s Online and Mobile Banking, you can monitor your account activity—anytime, anywhere. Frequent account monitoring keeps you in touch with your information and it’s a great way to spot unexpected activity.
  • Keep an eye out for alerts: First Tech will alert you whenever we receive a request to change your password, username, contact info, or security settings. We also alert you about wire transfers. These alerts will let you know when there’s a change to your information. Read more about alerts here.

Shorten your paper trail

With so much security technology protecting online banking, many of us may be more vulnerable to old fashioned physical theft. Fraudsters engage in "dumpster diving" to find personally identifiable information. Shred documents with personal information before getting rid of it. A lockable mailbox can prevent mail theft. Signing up for e-Statements, and online BillPay is also a great way that First Tech’s Online and Mobile Banking can help protect you. You’ll have less to paper to shred—and you can't misplace paper documents you don't have.

For safety and convenience, sign up for First Tech Online and Mobile Banking today.