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First Tech Insurance Services:
Your Relocation Services for Insurance

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First Tech Federal Credit Union is committed to serving our members who are relocating to the United States. We have products specifically tailored to meet the needs of those who are relocating.

In tandem with great banking products, First Tech also has insurance experts on hand to help you navigate the complexities of insurance in the United States. We develop custom insurance plans for members with limited (or no) U.S. driving history, no driver’s license, or no established credit. We educate members on the appropriate coverage to protect the things most important in their lives with products like Car Insurance, Renters Insurance, Home Insurance and Personal Liability.

“First Tech has helped us since 2011 when we relocated to the U.S. They have helped us with car insurance, rental insurance and insurance for our home. Our agent was able to deal with permanent requests and was always absolutely helpful, patient and extremely professional.”
- First Tech Member


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First Tech Insurance Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Tech Federal Credit Union.

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