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Lorraine Callard’s love of animals helps provide low-cost vaccination clinics 

woman filling out a form on a clipboard while another woman holds up a dog to adoptwoman filling out a form on a clipboard while another woman holds up a dog to adopt

Like many others during the 2008 recession, Lorraine Callard found herself going through a layoff. While searching for new employment, she found a home volunteering with the Columbia Humane Society in St. Helens, Oregon. She eventually transitioned into the Director role for the organization, taking on duties such as managing the shelter, volunteers and much more. Her love of insurance and helping people brought her back to the insurance world a few years later, and we’re all the greater for it at First Tech!

Though she’s no longer working at Columbia Humane Society, Lorraine has continued to volunteer with the shelter. The event she’s most passionate about participating in has been the rabies clinics that Columbia Humane Society hosts a few times a year to offer low-cost vaccinations to anyone in need. Lorraine’s role during the clinic is to work with the vet and the animal handler during the appointment to make sure the paper trail of vaccinations and payments are correct. Her job is to also help document any other issues the vet might see, like fleas, dental issues, allergies and heart murmurs.

When asked about some of her favorite stories to share about her work there, Lorraine mentioned one of the dogs who came through the shelter. The workers and volunteers noticed traits in the dog that would make him a great candidate to train for a search and rescue position. After evaluation, he entered training and is now a certified search and rescue dog in the San Francisco Bay area, ready to help find people missing after earthquakes.

The impact volunteers make at Humane Society organizations across the country is tremendous. Most locations are understaffed and underfunded, with workers staying long hours and giving up time with their families over holidays to make sure animals are well cared for. If you are looking for ways to contribute, Humane Society volunteers and supporters are always needed for things like fostering animals at home, donating for kitten food drives in the spring, daily maintenance feeding and cleaning, or helping with fundraising efforts.

In 2022, the Columbia Humane Society rehomed a total of 150 animals. They usually have an average of eight to ten dogs and 15 cats at any given time.

Local organizations like Columbia Humane Society always need a helping hand. When looking for ways to contribute, try searching for your local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) or Humane Society and check out the different ways you can provide support, whether that’s through time, money or other resources.

Not sure where to start? Visit the Human Society’s website to find additional volunteer opportunities and partnerships, or other multiple ways of donating that work best for you.