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Are your boat and RV ready for summer?

Woman sitting inside a car with her dogWoman sitting inside a car with her dog

With summer already in full gear and weekend plans centering around the outdoors, it’s good to make sure your recreational vehicles are in their best shape—so they can serve you for many vacations to come.

To help you get ready, here’s a handy checklist to ensure all your boat and RV maintenance needs are covered for the warm days ahead:

icon 1 Inspect and clean

Damage to your boat or RV can come from animals (both large and small), seasonal weather events or just from regular wear and tear, so it’s good to ensure there is no damage to the vehicle before it’s heavily used in the summer. That also means checking all corners and seals for cracks, erosion or water damage. It is also important to ensure your emergency radio and antenna are in good working order.

Take this time to clean the inside and outside of your vehicle, too. Wax or polish the exterior each year to maintain some protection from the elements.

icon 2 Safety check

Don’t leave for your next trip without double checking all the safety gear in your vehicle, like fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure they are all in working order and clean. If you are towing anything behind your boat or RV, make sure all connections, chains, lights and tie-downs are functioning. Having the break system in your RV checked once per year is also recommended.

icon 3 Regular service

Fuel systems, brakes, tires, and heating and cooling systems all work best with regular tune ups. It is recommended to change your oil every 4,000 to 6,000 miles for an RV. On a boat, the best practice is to perform an oil change every 50-100 hours that your engine runs.

Don’t forget to keep track of each item of maintenance you perform on your vehicle, and write down when you performed the maintenance. There are a variety of affordable maintenance logbooks available for purchase, and it’s easier to stay on a regular schedule for maintenance and remember your vehicle’s history when you write it down!

icon 4 Make sure you’re insured

Whether you’re hitting the road or the water this summer, First Tech Insurance Services has a policy that can cover you. Make sure you have the right coverage that keeps you and your family protected, so you can focus on the rest and relaxation.

First Tech’s motorcycle, RV and boat insurance options provide customizable coverage for whatever moves you.

  • Motorcycle Insurance - Motorcycle policies offer special coverage tailored to riders, since an accident on two wheels can be far more severe than on four wheels. Some coverages, like uninsured motorist and medical payments, are designed to better protect you on your bike.
  • Recreational Vehicle Insurance – An RV policy is similar to an auto policy, but can offer additional coverages that your auto policy does not, like vacation liability, personal effects, and emergency vacation.
  • Boat Insurance - Insuring your boat by endorsing it on your homeowner’s policy is not always adequate, and can leave you financially exposed. Protect your boat with a complete coverage package, so you can enjoy the day fishing, water skiing or relaxing on the water.

Contact the First Tech Insurance Services agent in your area or call 855.855.8805 to get started. They’ll help you balance cost and coverage, so you can relax and enjoy whatever moves you.