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Alert! Staying informed helps fight fraud

The history of transactional fraud is just about as long as the history of banking. Fortunately, technology has given us new ways to combat it. Alerts are one of the most powerful tools financial institutions have to help fight fraud. These alerts are part of your financial protection arsenal, too. First Tech Online and Mobile Banking makes it easy for you to take advantage of alerts.

Fraud Alerts from First Tech can come in multiple ways. If we spot potentially suspicious activity on your accounts, we’ll alert you via email, phone, or text, whichever you choose. You simply verify your account activity. These Fraud Alerts help us protect members, so take a moment respond if you ever receive an alert.

Alerts and safety while traveling

Transaction activity outside of your usual area can look suspicious, especially when it originates from a foreign location. You may receive an alert from us when traveling. If you'd like to avoid unnecessary alerts, check in with us before you leave. Call us at 855.855.8805 or send us a secure message through Online and Mobile Banking to let us know when you’re travelling and what countries you plan to visit.

For added protection while traveling, bring our phone number with you in case you need to reach us quickly. Bring copies of your important documents, such as account information, and store these documents in a safe place. Also consider taking more than one credit or debit card. Store that card separately from your wallet in case your wallet is lost or stolen.

Choose the alerts you'd like to use

You can add additional protection—and convenience—to your accounts with First Tech Online and Mobile Banking. Log in to Online and Mobile Banking, select "Setup Notifications" under the "Quick Links" section, and customize your alerts.

Want to know when funds are withdrawn from your account? Activate an Automatic Withdrawal Alert. You can also set up Balance Alerts and Insufficient Funds Alerts. Keep a close eye on routine transactions with Check Cleared Alerts and Debit Card Purchase Alerts. Additional alert options include Transfer Fails, Transfer Succeeds  and Online Banking Access Alerts.