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Support for our community in challenging times.
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Emergency Loans

First Tech offers Emergency Loans for members in special situations such as a natural disaster or a regional emergency. Current rate and terms are below. Applicant must be a current member of First Tech to be eligible. To apply for an Emergency Loan, log in to Online Banking and click Apply under Apply or Change in the top navigation. Click Learn More next to Personal and Emergency Loans then click Apply Now under Emergency Loan.

Emergency Loan Overview:

Annual Percentage RateAPR = Annual Percentage Rate. All loans are subject to credit approval. Credit Union membership is required and subject to approval. Interest rate and program terms are subject to change. Additional restrictions may apply. Loan Amount (min/max) Loan Term
8.50% APR $500/$10,000 6 to 36 months

Emergency Assistance Program

First Tech offers a special program to aid members that are experiencing financial hardship. We want you to know you’re supported, no matter what life throws your way. Please see the FAQs below for important information about loan payment assistance. If you’re interested in payment assistance on your First Tech mortgage loan, please complete the corresponding form. Requests for mortgage forbearance will require a conversation with a First Tech representative.


When can I expect to hear back about my request?
We will review and process your request within 15 business days. Rest assured, we will review your request in the order it is received and contact you if any more information is needed. Mortgage loan forbearance will require a conversation with a First Tech representative and we’ll reach out to you for this discussion. Thanks for your patience. 

Will the term of my consumer loan be extended?
No, any loan payment deferment or payment assistance on consumer loans will be added to the end of your term as a balloon payment. You may also choose to pay off this amount earlier with your regular monthly payments. 

How long will loan payment assistance be available?
First Tech will continue to monitor programs and evaluate their need. If you’d like to request assistance on a consumer loan, please contact us at 855.855.8805. Mortgage assistance can be requested using the form on this page.

Will First Tech report my consumer loan payment deferment or reduced payment to the credit bureaus?
Any 30 day credit marks resulting from processing delays will be corrected. If a regular payment is late for any reason, this will be reported as usual.

How will a consumer loan payment deferral appear in online banking?
In the loan account transaction history you’ll see an entry labeled “Skipped Payment for Receivable”. In the Details tab of the loan, you can see the next payment due date.

Can I make a reduced payment on a consumer loan in online banking or over the phone?
Yes, log in to First Tech’s online banking and click on to your loan account. You may also call 855.855.8805 and, if you have VoiceID setup, you can make a payment without waiting for a First Tech representative.

What is my reduced consumer loan payment amount?
Your reduced monthly consumer loan payment amount will be based upon the regular amount you paid. See table:

Regular monthly payment Reduced monthly payment
$200 or less $40
$201 - 300 $90
$301 - 400 $140
$401 - 500 $190
$501 - 600 $240
$601 or more $290

What if I requested payment assistance on a consumer loan but no longer need it?
You may make regular payments at any time.

What is a balloon payment on a consumer loan?
A balloon payment is a large payment made at the end of the loan, generally upon the loan’s maturity. This can occur when deferred payment amounts are added to the final scheduled payment of the loan.

When can I expect to hear back about my mortgage assistance request?
Due to a high volume of requests, we will review your request and reach out within 15 business days. Rest assured, we will review your request in the order it is received. Mortgage loan forbearance will require a conversation with a First Tech representative so we’ll contact you to discuss your situation. Thanks for your patience.

Can I “skip” my mortgage payment?
No, skipping payments (loan payment deferral) is a solution for First Tech’s consumer loans only. For mortgages, qualifying members can participate in mortgage forbearance for up to 6 months.

Support for the community

Our community partners are experiencing increased demand for their services at a time when some of their funders and volunteers are unable to support in these unusual circumstances. To ensure their continued commitment to our communities we’ve empowered our employees to give back even more during these times. Employees are able to use their 16 paid volunteer hours to support neighbors in need, observing public health guidelines and safety measures, grocery shopping for seniors and reading with children home from school using teleconferencing solutions. We’re also increasing our matching gifts and have activated a 2:1 match for employee giving, up to $1,000 per employee, to food banks, shelters, hospitals, and other critical service nonprofits.