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Top FAQs

How do I make a payment to my auto loan?

Visit to learn more. Keeping track of upcoming payments, due dates, and past payments is made easy with digital banking.  Enroll at or download the First Tech app.


How do I make a payment from external account?

Log in to First Tech’s Online Banking or the First Tech app and head to the Transfer feature. Once there, you can add an external account. Review this guide for how to setup an external account in the app.  After the external account is added, you can schedule your payment in the same Transfer feature.

Paying from your other bank’s online banking? You'll need your First Tech account number (which can be found on your statement or in our online banking), First Tech's routing number: 321180379, and First Tech’s mailing address.

How do I reset my online banking password?

Reset your password at


I'm locked out, how do I reset my password?

Reset your password at


How do I enroll in online banking?

Enroll at or download the First Tech app.


How will I receive my temporary password?

Your temporary password will be sent to the email you provided upon enrollment.


What if I never received my temporary password?

Contact us at 855.855.8805. Please note: if you are attempting to access your password on your mobile device and if you are speaking on the device at the same time, your phone must be connected to Wi-Fi or capable of processing voice and data concurrently to receive your password.


How do I enroll in digital wallets?

Please visit your digital wallet service provider’s website and follow all the steps there to add your First Tech card.


How do I complete a balance transfer?

Log in to Online Banking or the First Tech app and click on the Manage Cards widget. Select the First Tech credit card you wish to transfer a balance to, then click Balance Transfer. 


Is there a limit to the electronic withdrawals I can make from my savings account?

Federal Regulation D places a monthly limit on savings account withdrawals, including your Membership Savings, Secondary Savings and Instant Access Savings accounts. This federal regulation limits you to six electronic withdrawals per calendar month for each savings account. Reg D Transactions (combined transactions limited to six per month):

  • Withdrawals/transfers made using Online Banking. Withdrawals/transfers made using Phone Banking. Overdraft Protection transfers (made automatically to cover insufficient funds in other accounts).
  • Withdrawals/transfers made by a Member Service Representative by phone.
  • Preauthorized, automatic, scheduled or recurring withdrawals/transfers.

What is First Tech's routing number?

First Tech's routing number is 321180379.


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Members with Online Banking for personal or business accounts can use the Online Banking Message Center to send and receive personal account messages with First Tech.

General Inquiries
24-hour toll free number: 855.855.8805
International: +1 503.644.4034 

Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf (TDD)
Telecommunications for the Deaf (TDD) services for hearing-impaired members. The TDD may be reached during our regular business hours by calling:

Addison Avenue Investment Services
855-744-8585 x2

First Tech Insurance Services
855-744-8585 x1


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