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Digital Banking

What's new in digital banking.

First Tech regularly updates our Online and Mobile Banking features in order to improve your user experience. Check back monthly for our newest additions.

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Winter 2021

New year, new login screen

Our refreshed login screen will be displayed when you attempt to access digital banking from a desktop device or our mobile app. Here’s how it looks:
Laptop computer showing login screen

View your investment accounts in the First Tech app

Now you can view your Addison Avenue investment accounts right from the First Tech app. As a client, you can see your investment account balances (previous business day), details, holdings and recent transactions. Can’t see your Addison Avenue accounts in digital banking yet? Contact your Financial Advisor to get set up.

Fall 2020

Masked account numbers for your protection

Your full account numbers now appear partially masked in online banking. There’s an image of an eye below the account name and clicking on this image will reveal the full account number. Note that your account numbers are not visible on the mobile app, only through the Accounts feature via desktop.

Quicker Bill Pay

Make payments even faster now by clicking on Quick Bill Pay in the expandable menu from the online banking dashboard. Any one-time payments to your payees can be made this way.

We won’t test your memory

Now when you’re making a transfer, we display the account balances directly next to their respective “From” and “To” accounts so you don’t have to exit out of the transfer process to check your balances. You will also see them when you’re confirming the transfer.

Electronic mortgage statements for joint owners

Joint owners on First Tech mortgages can now view their electronic mortgage statements in the Statements feature within digital banking.

Manage Cards gets updates that save you time.

  • Now you can submit a single travel notification for all your active First Tech credit cards. Note: if you submit a second travel notification, this will overwrite your first request.
  • The error messages for Balance Transfer and Activate New Card are much clearer with a reason why your action is failing, and what you can do to resolve the issue.
  • The Travel Notifications, Replace Card and Balance Transfer features have been made ADA-compliant.
  • For most of us, an error message like 46HLX41SO98R isn’t very helpful. When Manage Cards is having issues, we’ll now display a downtime message for when services are interrupted. No secret decoder ring required.

Enhanced notifications for account changes.

We've enhanced the email or text notifications you receive when there are changes to your digital banking account. We updated the content in these notifications to let you know if it was your username, password, phone number or email that has been updated. Also, if you have your Online Banking Access Alert turned on (highly recommend, go to Settings to activate), there is now a time stamp in the notification indicating the exact time your account was accessed. 

Summer 2020

Makeover for the accounts screen in the app.

The mobile app’s accounts screen has undergone several improvements. Functionalities and design are more modern and align with the newest industry standards. Highlights include:

  • Your account’s nickname and number are now displayed at the top, so multiple-account holders will always know which account they’re viewing.
  • Account balance is now displayed more prominently and clearly.
  • Quick action buttons have been added to make a deposit or submit a bill pay, directly from the new Accounts screen.
  • You can swipe left to switch between accounts without having to tap on the “back” arrow, and swipe down to refresh transactions.
  • For iOS users, if you wish to re-arrange the order of your default features in the bottom navigation bar or add/remove a feature, you can now do this by going to Settings > Navigation.
  • If you prefer the scrolling motion, we have now enabled infinite scrolling to view your transactions. You can also click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen to search for a transaction.  


The fine print.

Effective July 1st, 2020, when you use the “Deposit” feature in digital banking platforms, we’ll present you with an updated Mobile E-Deposit Capture Agreement to read through and re-accept before proceeding. You can also read the full document here.

Search and ADA enchantments.

We made significant updates to the Zelle® search function in the Activity Center. The enrollment screen’s design has improved accessibility and is now ADA compliant. 

Spring 2020

Enhanced printed transactions.

You’ve always been able to print your account transactions before having to wait for an official monthly statement. But now when you print these out the page will display your full name, account nickname and masked account number. This can be helpful when you need to send proof of a transaction on your account(s).

Verify phone number from Mobile app.

Your security is our top priority. That’s why we require mobile phone numbers to be verified. We’ll then use this verified number to send temporary codes in real-time to your mobile device that allow you, and only you, to change a password, transfer money and more. 


Send a pic to help describe an issue.

The Message Center feature in the mobile app allows you to attach a file or an image along with your secure message. We hope this makes it easier to troubleshoot issues with First Tech representatives that will respond to help. 

The artist formally known as e-Docs.

Electronic statements, notices and tax forms can now be found in online banking or the mobile app in the Statements feature (formerly named “e-Docs”). In the mobile app, we made this feature one of the defaults in the menu section so it’s more accessible. 

Emergency Assistance Program.

In times of crisis, First Tech activates the Emergency Assistance Program to support members in special situations. One solution in this program, the Emergency Loan, can be applied for within online banking in the Apply feature. Go to the Personal Loans category and select it from the menu. Because you’re already logged into online banking, most of the application form will be pre-filled to save you time.

Readability improved.

We continue to ensure our digital banking features are accessible to members of all abilities. The Manage Cards feature is the latest to be updated and now includes enhanced text, images and icons that are more readable and optimized for screen readers.

Additional card security.

To protect our members we’ve disabled the default to remember your CVV number on your new card when you go to activate it. Your browser will no longer save or auto-fill this number in other places for your security.