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Why choose a credit union

Telling the Credit Union story

Financial institutions are battling every day for your attention and your dollars. We’re all inundated with messages and brands that try to capture us with rewards, rates and other perceived value. In a world where financial brands are clawing to claim your loyalty, how can we differentiate ourselves and tell our story?

Credit Unions occupy a unique space in the crowded financial field, because we operate as a not-for-profit institution. That means the very people that govern and own us--our members--are the same people that we serve every day. Being a member-owned cooperative means that we aren’t beholden to stockholders or other competing interests. Instead, we can focus on building the best experience possible for our members, and creating solutions that serve the communities where we live and work. Being a not-for-profit means we invest everything we have—time, money, passion, experience, and knowledge—into you, our member. It helps shape our core message:

Go further with your money. No matter what life stage you’re in, you’ll need a bank you can count on.

In other words, credit unions like First Tech are best equipped to serve our members throughout their financial journey. It goes beyond a single transaction or account. Everyone is at a different stage in their financial life, and our members count on us to provide the best banking experience all the way from their first account to their retirement fund. We offer a complete financial partnership, not just a transactional relationship.

Take First Tech’s foreign relocation service for example. Together with the companies we serve like Microsoft, Intel, Amazon and more, we offer a comprehensive financial service solution and a single point of contact for any employee moving internationally. Through loan options, reduced interest rates, mortgage programs and more, we can help ease the transition and absorb the financial stress that comes with a move overseas. We offer a similar service for those moving across the country. This kind of assistance is rare among financial institutions.

In addition to the financial benefits to our membership, First Tech also provides a substantial amount of charitable giving and volunteer work in our community. In 2018, we gave $3.28 million in charitable donations and more than 30,000 employee volunteer hours to the community; directing dollars and time to nonprofit partners that provide services to children and families in need. First Tech’s philanthropic focus areas include support for education (namely STEM, early childhood literacy and financial education), research (Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and supportive health services for children) and innovation in the areas of food, shelter and safety.

As a Credit Union and a contributing member of the communities we serve, we are so much more than just our products and services. We offer financial solutions and community value that goes beyond your wallet. Rest assured that First Tech will continue to invest in you and all of our members, as a trusted partner on your financial journey.