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Protecting all the ways you bank

Online and mobile banking are changing how people bank. You now have quick, easy access to your banking information—and you can bank when and where it’s convenient for you. Next time you find yourself waiting for your always-late friend to show up for lunch, you can check your balances or even pay a few bills.

The ease and time savings are clear, so why don’t we use online and mobile banking all the time? Security concerns may hold us back, but at First Tech, we’re committed to making online and mobile banking safe and convenient for members. Our people, combined with our and leading security practices, protect your banking information so you can bank with confidence.

Safeguarding your information
At First Tech, three teams focus on protecting member information. Each team provides a different layer of defense against fraud and unauthorized data access.

Let's meet the teams:

  • Fraud management: The people on the First Tech Fraud Management team fight fraud in several ways: To identify potential fraud, they use analysis to spot fraudulent patterns and activities. As our in-house fraud experts, they investigate the many types of potential fraud, including identify theft, load fraud, share fraud, card-related fraud, and even fraud that might be related to elder abuse. Perhaps most importantly, they mitigate the impact of potential fraud by thwarting it with real-time monitoring. Learn more by visiting the Security and Fraud Center.
  • IT team: The First Tech IT team protects members from unauthorized access to their information and misuse of their banking data. Planning and executing IT security policies is only the beginning. They also manage, design, and maintain information security systems.
  • Online Banking team: Working with both our fraud management and IT teams, our Online Banking team makes security central to the way we deliver the convenience of digital banking. From login to logout—and every step in between—the Online Banking team works to ensure members bank safety.  

Around-the-clock protection

Intruders never sleep—and neither do we. The First Tech Security Operations Center continuously monitors our systems for security. A firewall protects our network and gives us 24/7/365 access to monitoring traffic on our systems. We conduct routine testing and audits to make sure everything is working as it should. Encryption—which is basically the coding of data to make it indecipherable to snoopers—is one of the backbones of our IT defenses.

Keeping watch over your information

Using online and mobile banking can actually increase your peace of mind. Why? You stay more connected to all your banking information. It’s easy to check on recent transactions and monitor activity on your account. You’re not waiting for your monthly statement to review transactions. Let’s say your balance seems off when you get an ATM receipt. You can then use your mobile device to see why.

Strong authentication—which uses factors beyond just your password—help us know it’s you (and only you) accessing your banking information.

Do you have the First Tech app? If not, here is a link to download on Google Play or the App Store.