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Use the value of your home

A home equity loan or line of credit could be the best option when you need extra money.

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Why choose a home equity loan

If you need extra cash for college tuition, home improvement projects or another large purchase, a home equity loan may be a great choice. You’ll get a lump sum of cash that can help you fund the big things in your life.

Flexity Line of Credit

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Experience ultimate flexibility while you put your home’s equity to work for you. The Flexity line of credit gives you access to cash when you need it. Plus, it allows you to lock in up to three fixed-rate loans under the same line of credit.

  • Flexible line of credit secured by your home's equity
  • Low, interest-only payments during the 10-year draw period
  • Ability to lock-in up to three, fixed-rate loans under one line of credit
  • Access to cash when you need it
  • No pre-payment penalty

Fixed-Rate Loans

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Choose terms from 5 to 20 years with a fixed interest rate and monthly payments. You can find the terms that fit your financial needs, and lock into one reliable rate.

Mortgage calculators

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How much can you borrow? What will your payments be? Which is better: fixed or adjustable? Our calculators are easy, straightforward, and available right now.

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Use the value of your home

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