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2FA 4U

We’re constantly strengthening the tools we use to protect you, your account information and your digital transactions. We monitor your accounts regularly for suspicious activity, but there’s more you can do to help protect your accounts.

Winter NewsletterTwo-factor authentication is simple to set up and provides an extra layer of security by making it much harder for fraudsters to access your digital banking accounts. When you set up two-factor authentication with First Tech, we’ll send a temporary verification code to your preferred method, which you can modify in Settings in Online Banking. Set up two-factor authentication in about two minutes by logging in to online banking, going to Settings then Security. There you’ll be able to pick your preferred method of receiving the verification code: email, phone call, SMS or hard token.

For members who access their accounts multiple times a day we understand adding this extra step may seem daunting. To ease the burden, download our mobile app and turn on Snapshot to see your account balances and recent transactions, all without having to log in. To set up Snapshot, log in on the mobile app and go to Settings then Snapshot.

Remember, First Tech will never contact you asking for your user name, password or verification code. Do not give these credentials to anyone. Should a fraudster obtain your credentials, they’re likely to try and move money out of your accounts and into theirs.