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Detecting a cyber attack isn’t always easy. By the time the attack becomes evident, your information may have already been compromised. Help yourself detect a security breach before any damage is done using the following steps:

Check your credit report: Get in a habit of regularly checking your credit report and monitoring it for any unusual changes. Start by checking on your credit at least once a year. If you are planning to make a large purchase, or are going through other major life changes, you may want to check more frequently. Catching mistakes or fraudulent activity on your credit score early will help you ensure that small issues don’t snowball into larger ones.

Scan your systems: Be proactive about updating your systems with anti-virus protection, and scan those systems for viruses and malware.

Note unusual password activity: If you have trouble logging in to a system you use frequently—or you are asked to change or update your password unexpectedly—your account may have been compromised. Keep an eye on password reset requests, and make sure nobody else is altering sensitive passwords on your behalf. 

Get help from the pros: Using an identity and credit theft monitoring service is the best way to keep a keen eye on your cyber security. First Tech partners with CyberScout® to offer a variety of comprehensive identity and credit monitoring products.

Stay Vigilant: Regularly monitor your account activity and financial statements for anything out of the ordinary. Pulling records and checking transactions on a monthly basis will help you stay on top of your finances and identify potential scams.