Fraud Alert: Never offer account information by phone, text or messenger with anyone claiming to be a First Tech employee. We will never call or text you seeking your personal information.

Online Banking

Known Issues

Below you’ll find a list of the issues we’re currently aware of and working to correct. We’ll keep this page updated to share with you the most recent status of these and other items.
  • Digital Banking
    • An error occurs when paying a First Tech credit card from an external account. We’re working on a fix. In the meantime, to pay your First Tech credit card, please use your First Tech checking or savings account.
    • If you have a recurring transfer scheduled on a date that your bill is due or on a date that you have specified, such as June 26th, please monitor your account and check your transaction history to see if the transfer has been processed successfully on that date. If you have a failed scheduled transfer, we recommend you make a one-time payment while we work on a fix.
    • If you don’t see your credit card in Online or Mobile Banking, please log out and log back in again. If the issue persists, please call 855.855.8805.
    • The running account balance under account transactions occasionally does not display the right balance amount. This is only a display error - your real available or current balance is not impacted. We are working towards resolving the issue soon.
    • Some credit card transactions are being listed as "Pending" in the transaction history even though they have been declined. This is a known issue that is expected to be fixed soon.
    • If you are not receiving text message alerts, please confirm with your mobile provider that you can receive messages with short codes.
    • The current balance may show $0.00 for your Flexity Line of Credit account, if you’re seeing this error, click on the account to go into details to view what is owed on your loan, or you can click the Pay button. We are working on a fix for this issue.
  • Online Banking
    • When using a desktop to access eDeposit or when attempting to dispute a transaction, some members are experiencing an error message. If you’re experiencing this, please locate your browser’s settings and make sure third-party cookies are not blocked. For Chrome users, go to Settings > Advanced > Privacy and security > Site Settings > Cookies and site data – Block third-party cookies should be OFF. For Safari users, you should uncheck “Prevent cross-site tracking” in the Privacy section.
    • If you have trouble using the “Bill Pay” or “Transfer” features, please make sure you’re using the most current version of your web browser. If you’re using Edge or Firefox and having issues, try Internet Explorer or Chrome.
    • If you use your old username and/or password to retrieve First Tech account information in Quicken, you'll be locked out of the new Online Banking on your next login attempt. Please update your First Tech credentials in Quicken. Members should use Express Web Connect if they are not able to sync accounts with Direct Connect. For instructions on how to do so visit To troubleshoot Quicken issues visit
    • Services that use Yodlee to import a member’s financial data are not functioning. These include services like Xero, YNAB and others. Currently, First Tech only provides support for Quicken and Mint.
    • If you have trouble locating any existing late notices or tax forms in the e-Docs widget, please look under the “Statements” tab for notices or tax forms.
    • We’re working to fix an issue preventing you from sorting transfers under the “Scheduled” and “History” tabs in the Transfer widget.
  • Mobile Banking
    • When depositing a check via the app, please neatly write “For mobile deposit only at First Tech” on the back of your check after signing. If you receive an error or the check wouldn’t go through, please visit a First Tech location.We’re actively working on a fix and apologize for this inconvenience.
    • Members have reported that they are not receiving real-time email, push and/or SMS alerts even though they have this feature turned on. We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it.
    • The app is experiencing formatting errors when being viewed using an iPhone SE. We’re currently working on a fix.
    • If you have Snapshot enabled in your iOS device, you will now see an alert type of message appearing on the Snapshot screen telling you there is a bill due or something that needs your immediate attention. This is the same alert you would see on in Online Banking when on a desktop device. Please access it from desktop while we work to resolve this issue for the mobile app.
  • Zelle®
    • If you see an error when accessing your Zelle Settings or the Activity Center, please exit out of the Zelle feature and try again.
    • We have discovered a rare occurrence where an intermediate screen would appears for a few seconds after you click on the back button. Please exit out of the screen and try again.
    • Intermittent error in Send Money screen while accessing Send Money with Zelle widget. Temporary solution: If you see an error while trying to send money, try again in a few minutes.
    • Sender may not receive email notifications if the recipient is not able to collect the money from their financial institution.  Temporary solution: We recommend that you view the status of your "Send Money" transaction in the "Activity" screen. There, you will see whether your money was successfully "sent" or "failed".