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Online Banking

Why use Bill Pay?

Your checkbook needs an upgrade. Bill Pay is the simple, secure way to pay any business or person. It’ll even save you a trip to the mailbox and a stamp. This is a no-cost service offered to all members that helps you stay organized and save time.

Bill Pay dashboard
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Add a business or a person payee here
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For helpful information on Bill Pay, click on the Help Button
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Click on a payee to make a payment, edit a recurring or scheduled payment for the payee, manage the payee's details and eBills, and see the payee's activities.

Common questions about Bill Pay

Can members have two of the same payees?

Yes, members can have two of the same payees. We recommend you give them different nicknames for your own reference.


How can I view my payee's account number in its entirety or validate if it's correct?

Under the Bill Pay Dashboard, click on the “Manage” tab for the payee you wish to view. There you can show or hide your payee’s account number.


How secure is my bill payment and personal information?

Online Banking and the Mobile App use several methods to ensure that your information is secure when paying bills.

SSL: Secure Sockets Layer ensures that your connection and information are secure from outside inspection.

Encryption: We use 128-bit encryption to make your information unreadable as it passes over the Internet.

Automatic Sign Out: Online Banking automatically signs you out of a session if you are inactive for a predefined time (usually 10 minutes).


What does deactivating a payee do? Will I lose history?

When a payee is deactivated, they are moved into a separate deactivated payee list, but all history for that payee remains in Bill Pay. A deactivated payee will not be made available to choose when you want to make a payment. We recommend you only deactivate retired or inactive payees.


What is a managed or manual payee? How can I tell?

A managed payee's contact information is maintained by us, where as a manual payee's contact information is not. The simple way to distinguish between the two is: If you have to manually enter the address for the payee, they are considered a manual payee.


Who can I pay using BillPay?

You can pay almost any person or business in the United States who you would normally pay by check or automatic debit. Even if you don't receive bills from the company or person you want to pay, you can still add the information needed to make payments. Do you have a bill that can’t be paid electronically? No worries, we will send a check and take care of the postage, saving you a stamp and a trip to the post office.