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6 to 60 Month Roth IRA Share Certificate

Choose from 6 to 60 Month terms

If you're looking for flexibility without the risk, 6 to 60 Month Roth IRA Share Certificates offer no risk of loss to principal1. You'll also benefit by choosing the length of your term, as well as a 10-day grace period to make changes before your funds automatically roll over at maturity. Funds can be withdrawn if needed; penalties may apply.1, 2

A great choice if you:

Have qualified earned income within Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI)limits

Have at least $500 to save


You'll Benefit From:

More money in your pocket

  • No monthly fees
  • Earnings are tax deferred 2
  • Qualified earnings can be withdrawn tax free 2

      An easy way to save

      • Automatic rollovers at maturity
      • 10-day grace period at maturity if you want to make changes
      • No required minimum distributions
      • View balances anytime, anywhere with our free mobile app


      • No risk of loss to your principal 1
      • Funds are NCUA insured up to $250,000
      • Withdraw your funds if you need them 1,2



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      1 For all certificate accounts, if you withdraw any portion of your principal before maturity, you may be charged a penalty of up to six months’ dividends; however, there is no risk of loss to your principal.

      2 Please consult with your tax advisor.