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Invest in a Happier Tomorrow

Introducing Invest in Your Lifestyle

Each week, we’ll teach you how to make improvements to your home, in your work life, or for your family as you reimagine happiness and a balanced life. There is an opportunity to fix that thing you’ve been meaning to, educate the young learners in your life as well as find meaning and positive connections in your career. It’s time to create value at the center of your world. And First Tech's Invest In Your Lifestyle series offers you the tools, guidance and support to do just that.

Invest in Your Home - Killer Kombucha

In this quick video we’ll teach you how to make tasty kombucha from scratch at home. You'll also learn how to make a SCOBY - the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast that is required to make kombucha. All you need is black tea, sugar, a bottle of store-bought kombucha and a container to store it in - it could not be more simple.

Invest in Your Home: Making a plan and setting a structure for school at home

Homeschooling family
Back-to-school is usually an exciting time, but with many schools closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, families across the country are facing new challenges as they prepare for the move to online, at-home learning.

Invest in Your Family: Meals for Under $10

In our new normal, your home is no longer just a home. It’s probably a restaurant now, too—serving every meal, every day. Hungry family members have taken the place of impatient customers, and they don’t tip nearly as well, either. So with your budget tightening and meal prep becoming more crucial than ever, how can you keep the whole family fed and happy without breaking the bank? We’ve prepared a menu of meal ideas that you can prepare for less than $10 for a family of four.

Invest in Your Home: Vegetable and Herb Gardening 101

It seems easy enough. You plant some seeds into decent soil, give it some water and sunlight, and it grows. But, there’s a bit more to it than that if you want good results. We’ve put together some introductory tips to help start a vegetable and herb garden at your home.