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Invest in Your Family: Stunning Crafts for Your Kids

Kids are happiest when they are engaged. This week on First Tech's Invest In Your Lifestyle series, our craft-loving little helpers are going to show you how to create string art prints at home. You and your little ones can make this simple art project using ink, popsicle sticks and twine- items you might just have lying around the house. A kid's art project that's easy, inexpensive, AND fun? Now that's our kind of art project!

Invest in Your Family: Meals for Under $10 

Family Meals
In our new normal, your home is no longer just a home. It’s probably a restaurant now, too—serving every meal, every day. Hungry family members have taken the place of impatient customers, and they don’t tip nearly as well, either. So with your budget tightening and meal prep becoming more crucial than ever, how can you keep the whole family fed and happy without breaking the bank? We’ve prepared a menu of meal ideas that you can prepare for less than $10 for a family of four.