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Insurance Sales Specialist Ben Pasciak saves the day at Doernbecher

child reading a bookchild reading a book

When Doernbecher Children’s Hospital was recently in need of supplies, Ben Pasciak and his fiancé found themselves in a special position to help. 

In one of the many challenges posed by COVID-19, the Pediatric Rehabilitation department at Doernbecher was forced to throw away about 200 items for children—mostly toys and books—since they could not be properly sanitized for coronavirus concerns. Ben’s fiancé, who works in the same pediatric rehabilitation department, informed him that employees were considering using their own money to replace the items, since budget constraints were tight. They all just wanted the kids to have toys and educational tools they could use. 

Realizing that First Tech matches eligible employee donations, Ben started on a plan of action to fund brand new replacement items for the children at Doernbecher to enjoy. The duo worked with Emily Zeitman, a Community Engagement Specialist at First Tech, to begin compiling lists of books and toys. It was important to them that this list included items that reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of all the children at Doernbecher, and would support people of color in the community as much as possible. The list also had to accommodate items for a range of children’s ages from infants to young adults. Once this was all worked out, they started working within their departments to collect donations and chip away at their list. 

“I had no idea it would be this involved. I’m very invested in this now and I’m grateful for Emily and all of her help,” Ben said when asked about the initiative. 

With the help of Insurance department colleagues and friends, Ben has raised enough money to replace the needed items—without pulling any money out of the pockets of the OHSU employees who already give so much for our children in need.

We’re proud to have Ben Pasciak as part of our First Tech family, and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to our community in a meaningful way!