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Insurance companies are stepping up and showing support

A woman with 2 childrenA woman with 2 children

The carriers that First Tech Insurance Services partners with are some of the most well-respected companies in the nation. That’s not by chance. Through their actions, they demonstrate their commitment to the communities they serve, and beyond.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues here are some of the new programs our carrier partners have developed. Due to the fluid nature of the pandemic, some details may change.

PEMCO is offering auto premium relief. They automatically credited all PEMCO auto policyholders in Washington and Oregon 15% off auto insurance premiums for April, May and June. If you've paid in full, you will get a refund check from them for each of these three months.

They have also implemented non-cancellation protection. In almost every case, PEMCO won’t cancel customers for nonpayment during the Coronavirus State of Emergency. Even if you can’t pay now, please call them. They can help ease your mind with a manageable future payment plan.

If you are now working as a delivery driver, PEMCO has extended temporary delivery coverage (at no added cost) for Auto policyholders who are now working as delivery drivers for pay, delivering restaurant takeout, groceries, prescriptions and packages.

Our partner Progressive has halted the cancellation of all policies for non-payment to assist customers during this time. Plus, they have committed to these actions:

  • They’ve introduced a $1 billion “Apron Relief Program,”giving a 20% premium refund to clients for April and May.
  • For first responders and health care workers, Progressive is offering enhanced roadside service (including transportation to work or home from the accident if needed), expedited tow service and vehicle repairs, and pickup and delivery of the repaired vehicle, all while deferring deductibles and providing a rental vehicle if needed.
  • Deferring deductibles to help customers who cannot pay out of pocket to get their car repaired.

At MetLife all Regional Sales Managers were allowed to allocate $500 from the MetLife Cares Fund. Each allocation was given to a small agency or agencies to assist them in buying headsets, monitors, laptops, paper, and postage to assist them in setting up to work from home. And in addition to their corporate support, the MetLife Foundation is donating $1 million to food banks across the U.S. to help them deal with increased demand as a result of the coronavirus.

Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance are giving agents a platform to support the causes that hit closest to home. Following the organization’s $15M crisis grant commitment, the new Independent Agent Giving program will award nearly $1 million for 150 individual grants to nonprofits nominated by independent agents.  We are pleased the Oregon Food Bank was awarded a $5,000 donation from this program after being nominated by First Tech Insurance Services. 

One of our primary partners, Travelers, is offering billing relief for all US customers – temporarily suspending cancellation and nonrenewal of coverage due to nonpayment. No interest, late fees or penalties will be charged during this period.

Travelers has pledged $5 million to COVID-19 relief efforts to assist families and communities across North America, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. They are also providing premium credits for commercial auto policyholders whose operations are lessened. With a more personal touch, they are offering virtual volunteer opportunities for employees, including one-on-one mentoring, reading children’s books and donating professional time and guidance.

In addition to our partners, First Tech is taking steps to support our members and communities during these challenging times. To learn more, see the First Tech Financial Care resources.