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Agent Spotlight: Anneliese Cox

First Tech Insurance agent Anneliese Cox.First Tech Insurance agent Anneliese Cox.

For some people, insurance coverage is interesting, exciting, and something you can do as a career. Anneliese is one of those people. For nearly 18 years, she served families as a State Farm agent, then made the move to First Tech Insurance Services at the Roseville Community Branch in 2015. She’s never looked back.

“A long time ago, I wanted to be a teacher and help people,” Anneliese said when asked why she chose insurance as her career. “When I first started offering insurance, I thought it would be all sales. Turns out it’s all education. I get to help people learn about insurance and how to get the coverage they need. This career has supported that piece of what I felt was important in my life. I love it because it’s all about taking care of families.”

For Anneliese, every day at work is different. Just when she thinks she’s learned everything about the industry, something new happens with auto and home insurance, life insurance, as well as insurance for RVs, boats, motorcycles, and anything else that a family might need to insure. 

Anneliese is passionate about educating people about the necessities of insurance as well as how to make the best decisions for themselves and those they love. She’ll meet with clients, listen to their needs, and then come up with the best possible options. In addition, she urges members to revisit their coverage to save money as well as assess potential issues due to lack of coverage after life changes, such as the birth of a child, addition of a licensed driver, marriage, divorce, and more.

A southern California native, Anneliese is proud to have gone to San Diego State University. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, appreciating art, practicing her interior decorating skills, refining her flexibility and wellbeing with daily yoga sessions, and reading. When she’s not at work or off on a travel adventure with her husband, she is enjoying his cooking, spending time outdoors, or making time for her family.

You can reach Anneliese at 916.746.6913, email, or simply stop by the Roseville Community Branch and chat with her about your insurance needs.


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Anneliese spends some quality time with her grandbabies at the beach.