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Agent spotlight: Allison Chen

Allison ChenShortly after graduating college, Allison started thinking about her career choices. Like most of her fellow graduates, she put together her resume and started planning her future. But unlike her peers, she was offered a job in the insurance industry without ever applying. Someone she knew had given her brand-new resume to the right person. Allison’s career was underway.

“I worked there for three years before moving up to Oregon,” Allison commented when asked about her first job in the industry.

Now with First Tech Insurance Services, Allison is dedicated to the members she serves and the families she helps protect.

“I enjoy figuring out what our members need and getting to the root of what needs to be done to get them there,” she added. “I like planning the best and most effective way to accomplish their insurance goals. Everyone is busy, which is why I strive to make their interaction the most seamless, while still getting them everything they need.”

Allison prides herself on spending the time to answer member questions, going over different scenarios, and helping them consider different ramifications for certain choices, such as changing coverages, or reporting claims.

“It’s important that I look at each member’s insurance account as a whole and try to anticipate what else they might need,” Allison said. “When I ask the right questions, I can help members protect the things that matter most, whether it is newly licensed drivers in their household, or a new home purchase.”

When she’s not learning all she can about insurance and using that knowledge to help members, she enjoys hiking, camping, visiting the coast, and scoping out new coffee shops for the perfect latte and savory breakfast items. 

“I also like to watch HGTV’s Flip or Flop,” she added.

She’s also an advocate for low waste living, participating in her local Buy Nothing Project group, as well as buying secondhand and supporting local small businesses. In addition, Allison likes to volunteer at her local library and supports Planned Parenthood as well as the ACLU.

To reach the First Tech Insurance service team, call 855-744-8585 or email Together, you can review your insurance needs to find the right balance of cost, coverage, and options designed to protect your financial future.