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The future of First Tech and APIs

Now more than ever, First Tech is dedicated to providing innovative and convenient digital banking options for our members. We’re always pushing forward to offer our members more for their money. That’s why we spent much of 2020 fostering a digital banking ecosystem and growing our digital toolbox to become more nimble and accessible.

Winter NewsLetter

A large part of First Tech’s push for digital development comes from the growth of Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs. We have adopted these APIs to provide members with new online and mobile offerings that combine a variety of financial services from an ecosystem of partners. These services include account alerts, credit card account management controls, account aggregation and loan financing.

Sharpening our edge and staying relevant in a field of financial competitors requires us to step out of our traditional banking shell, and explore more partnerships with companies that help us deliver the best member service possible. We're a community-based financial institution, and we will continue to look for partners that solve problems for our communities. Growing our digital platforms will enable consistency, security and proper support for the partners that build on our APIs—which will have a direct impact on our ability to provide better service for our growing family of First Tech members.

If First Tech is going to remain the best financial choice for all of our members, and stand out among a crowd of ever-increasing competition, we need to continue to invest in digital innovation. We’re still early in the usage of our new API management platform; but the agility, speed and control we’ve seen so far is impressive. First Tech’s API offerings will likely expand further in the year to come, enabling more third party providers to leverage our products and services digitally and in real time.

What it all means for our members is a faster, more efficient and more accessible credit union.