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You want it, you got it

Ever wonder how we prioritize changes and improvements on our digital banking platforms? We have a team of experts that dedicate their time to gathering member feedback, enhancing your user experience and tirelessly improving First Tech’s digital banking. We interview and survey our members throughout the year, analyze results, provide recommendations and work with various teams to provide solutions that make our digital banking the best possible service it can be.

Most recently, we asked our members which digital banking features they could not live without. Members shared with us that they value the ability to search for transactions in the mobile app, and to set up notifications for various account activities. A different service that has become increasingly popular in the financial space--virtual assistants or “chatbots”—did not rank among the top responses we received from members. In fact, 38% of respondents told us that they had no interest at all in using a chatbot. That let us know that our members would rather see us focus on enhancing everyday features, instead of introducing new ones. When we asked what motivates them to use a mobile banking app, 89% of members said convenience.

This is just a small window into how we gauge our user experience and prioritize digital improvements. Our next round of member surveys will be coming soon, and will address all of the alerts available in digital banking. Interested in having your voice heard and shaping the future of our digital banking? Stay tuned for our new design and join our member user group to let us know what you think.