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Quick Q&A with Mike on CCPA

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We sat down with Mike Upton, the Chief Digital & Technology Officer with First Tech, to get his thoughts on the California Consumer Privacy Act. Questions and answers have been edited for brevity.

 What is the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and why should members care?

The CCPA essentially does three things for consumers; gives them ownership of their data, gives them control over the information collected on them, and holds businesses responsible for ensuring their information is kept safe. The amount of data collected on consumers is vast and has the potential to shape nearly every experience we have. It’s important that this data is safeguarded and used in a way that provides value to the consumer. 

 How is First Tech responding to the CCPA?

We’re already in the business of protecting members’ privacy and data, so the CCPA validates our work and follows the direction we have already been going. Although the CCPA technically only applies to California residents, we think all of our members deserve these rights, even those living outside California. First Tech has made it easy for any member to request information about what we collect, opt-out of marketing and understand how we use data. We’re going far beyond meeting minimum privacy guidelines, and we’re committed to taking proactive steps to protect our members.

We’ve demonstrated a commitment to transparency by communicating our understanding of the CCPA in language that’s easy to digest and we’ve placed it right where it’s most useful to the member; within their digital banking experience. Opt-out options and data sharing information is clearer and we’re confident that our members will appreciate this update.

 Where do members find more information about the CCPA?

We have a privacy page on our website where members can read more about the CCPA and other privacy related topics. We’ve tried to provide members with the information they need to feel comfortable about how First Tech uses data and we’ll continue to be transparent about their rights. As privacy threats to members evolve, they can trust First Tech to adapt our policies and protect them.