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Online Banking

Mobile Updates

Woman on phone

We recently released a highly-anticipated update to our mobile app.

Our eDocs menu was improved to provide new functionality, making mobile banking easier for members on the go. The eDocs updates give members more power to view, download and share their eDocs right from their phone. Members can now view statements, notices, and tax forms—and can subscribe and unsubscribe from eStatements—all from the app or a web browser. Just log in to Mobile Banking and look in the “More Widgets” menu to find this new function. This eDocs update is available for both iOS and Android users, so all of our members will be able to enjoy these new features.

A mobile-optimized banking experience is critical for so many of our members and business partners. We’re constantly working to provide the same level of quality service and functionality through our app as through our branch locations, and we’re excited to bring these new mobile updates to our members.