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Easier Applications

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Last year, we streamlined our digital application process in order to save our members some valuable time. The simplified method has made life much easier for our members.

The time it took for a member to complete a loan application went from 40 minutes down to just 5 minutes after the change, partly because we were able to strip out several steps of collecting information that proved to be repetitive for First Tech members. If you’re already enrolled in Online Banking and you’ve logged in, we’ll prefill most of the questions for you. This will take the number of application fields that required members’ input from 40 questions down to just eight. Applying for an auto loan went from a 20-question journey down to just six questions

“It’s been phenomenal. The goal was to take the friction out of the application process, to make it easy for members to apply for the products they want and make it easy for them to apply for membership,” said Mike Upton, chief digital and technology officer at First Tech.

Although the process was simplified, we kept the same accessibility to make sure you can still apply for any product or service from the device of your choosing. Whether it’s a computer, phone, mobile browser or in-person, you can apply for a number of products via Online Banking. Soon, from the "Apply" widget within Online Banking, you can get set up and and get your new account funded by making a transfer from another account quickly and easily.

At First Tech, we value your time and membership. So we do everything we can to ensure our digital products are effortless and efficient. First Tech now supports 47 different account openings through our digital channels, including deposit accounts, home loans, vehicle loans, personal loans, credit cards and insurance inquiries. We’re proud to keep improving and making life easier for our members, and we hope you continue to be a proud member of First Tech.

Watch our CTO, Mike Upton, on what it took from First Tech employees and partners to bring this vision to life.

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